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“Catch up with this seasons latest trends with basic wardrobe essentials”

Its not always easy to catch up with the latest fashion trends when trends change every other season. These changing trends are especially tiring for those who dont have the luxury of buying tons of new outfits every time the season changes. Luckily, finding the right fashion staples can help you plan your wardrobe for spring. The best part is that these essentials will work well for your summer outfits as well. So check out some of these great fashion essentials for spring 2016:-

1:-Flared jeans

Flared jeans


Embrace the 70s trend with a pair of well-fitted flared jeans that hug your thighs like skinny jeans but are relaxed toward the base. Flared jeans can be paired with almost anything from graphic tees and platform canvas shoes to button-ups and high heels. You can wear them according to your personal style and even carry them forward for summer.

2:-A sheer blouse

A sheer blouse

Source:-Simple Wardrobe

Pick out an affordable but expensive-looking blouse that matches your personal style, preferably in a creamy tone. A sheer blouse is not only a fashion staple for spring but also for summer, as you can wear it with almost anything. From denims and trousers to shorts and midi skirts, you can just style this blouse according to your mood.

3:-An A-line skirt

An A-line skirt


While miniskirts are making a comeback, the A-line skirt is also a perfect wardrobe staple for those who often make the transition between a professional look and a fun party look. You can pick out a bright A-line skirt, which can be paired with a blouse or button-down for a more formal look. For a more casual vibe you can even wear it with a concert tee or a graphic tee.

4:-Colorful mules

While mule shoes in basic colors like black and brown may work well for every season, a bit of color may be more suited with your spring and summer outfits. Maybe you could wear them with miniskirts and blouses or with denims and tees. Colorful mule shoes are idea for different types of looks and are the perfect footwear staple for spring.
5:-A neutral cross-body bag

A neutral cross-body bag

Source:-Lane Crawford

A lot of us stick to blacks and darker colors when it comes to handbags. You can lighten things up for the spring and summer months with a neutral cross-body bag in lighter tones. This would look great with any outfit and you could choose one that suits your personal style. You can find cross-body bags in different designs from boxy and quirky ones to demure, professional bags.

6:-A tunic dress

A tunic dress


The tunic and dress hybrid is a wardrobe must-have if you want something that can be worn multiple times yet looks completely different depending on how you style it. Whether you simply throw on a pair of canvas shoes or you dress it up with a pair of high heels and a belt, a tunic dress can be the perfect outfit for both spring and summer. You could even wear tights underneath and pair it with ankle boots for the colder days.

7:-A basic jumpsuit

A basic jumpsuit

Source :- A basic jumpsuit

Jumpsuits have been a big trend in formal wear, but you can recycle this trend for a more casual look in spring and summer. Opt for a casual cotton or jersey jumpsuit in nude or neutral colors. While these can be dressed up with pumps, you can pair these with canvas shoes or sandals for a more relaxed vibe.

8:-A cropped camisole

A cropped camisole


Whether you wear it as is or with a light summer blazer, a cropped camisole can be transformed to create different looks. You can wear it with your favorite pair of jeans or denim shorts and canvas shoes for a casual look. For a formal affair, you can either wear it with a high-waist midi skirt or a pair of flared jeans and pumps.

9:-A lightweight cover-up

A lightweight cover-up

Source:-Poetry Fashion

With the unpredictable spring weather, a light transitional cover-up is a must-have. Whether you go for a jacket, blazer, or coat; find something in neutral colors and lightweight materials like linen. Maybe you could try to get one that can be re-worn for other seasons like summer and fall.

Suede shorts

Source :-

10:-Suede shorts Since summer hasnt truly kicked in, a pair of short shorts in suede makes for the perfect transitional shorts. There are tons of way to style these shorts such as concert tees and platform sandals with a lightweight jacket. You could even wear it with a sheer blouse or a classic button-down and a sleek pair of pumps or mules.

The point of getting wardrobe essentials is so you can re-wear them with different accessories and pieces to get a whole new outfit. You could even get secondhand pieces that can be worn for almost any occasion and even be used to create costumes for Halloween parties and other costume parties. Try finding the fashion staples mentioned above to plan your spring and summer wardrobe.

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