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Very few are fortunate enough to get to make their hobby, their source of income and manage a handsome amount from it, the amount earned may be minimal but the job may rank high in the satisfaction quotient. Again there are many who earn a fortune from their job but at the cost of minds peace and relaxation. So the point is about striking a balance, between job satisfaction and remuneration. So here are top 10 jobs selected for you which have been reported to strike the above balance.

1:- Personal Trainer: People are growing extremely conscious about stress management and physical fitness in these stressful times. At this point of time people increasingly hit the gym and need personal trainers or instructors to help them manage their weight, their fitness and well being. Personal trainers earn a yearly average of $20,494 to $ 84,000.

2:- Photographer: Everyone wishes their memorable moments to be captured in the most special and exquisite ways. Be it event photographer or tourism photographer, the opportunity field for photographers are growing at a speedy pace. Their yearly salary is almost close to $20000-$73,000.

3:-Freelance Writer: Be it editorial, or advertisement agencies write ups, freelance writers get to dictate their own terms and be the master of their creations. Freelance writers, depending on experience can charge a yearly average of $65,000.

4:-Tour Guide: Who does not like being part of teams where you get to showcase your exclusive knowledge about a certain place and gets to explore the unspoilt beauty of natural or historic heritage of a location as well as meet new people coming from various parts of the world. On an average tour guides make around $17,200-$37,800 per year.

5:-Software Engineer: Step into the world of coding, experience corporate customs and enjoy benefits extended by most of the good multinational companies. Be it client interfacing, or managing the business domain at a bigger picture later, they rule the roost with their multitasking skills. A software engineer gets to experience a mix of work and lifestyle balance making a whopping figure of almost $80,000 per year.

6:-Ethical Hacking: It is at times required to find out faults in the software set ups of big organizations to gear up for higher securities. This is where an ethical hacker comes into play to find out the loopholes in the systems and hack it to prove that security tightening is further required. Certified ethical hacking takes place in many countries like India and so on. It is a very interesting and challenging job where an expert can make $ 1,04,000 per year.

7:-Digital Marketing: Everything is now available over internet. The branding of products and bringing about products and revolutionizing the digital market is brought about by digital marketers. There are so many products that reach across to its target audience and customers through digital marketing managers who make almost $63,000 a year.

8:Data Scientist: They are responsible for handling and mining really complex data giving some full proof advice to their companies. They are able to predict the upcoming trends in any domain by analyzing and studying a huge amount of data every day. They can predict the fall and rise of trends by studying current trends. They almost make $93,000 a year.

9:-Consultant: usually experienced people after retirement take to the career of consultancy, which is of great repute to the person in concern as well as the company. Business consultant while in profession gets much better paid but as a consultant too they dont strike a very bad deal, which comes to a figure of almost $68,000 a year.

10:-Computer System Analyst: usually it is difficult to find such professionals with more than 20 years, but they can definitely charge a good amount if they have the required skill set. They can draw an annual salary of $68,000 almost.

These are some of the jobs which have been reported as well paid hence popular, and at the same time satisfying enough to keep the employees or the entrepreneur going. There are jobs in the above list that are quite unconventional and hence have the scope of growth and experimentation as well.


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