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The long stretches of nothing and the great verdant glens that often come in your inebriated dreams once in a while has definitely got to do with a morsel of the landscapes of mystic Scotland.  Whether you are a seasoned traveller or a first timer, let me tell you that Scotland is much more than Lochness, magnanimous castles and glades and lakes. There are some parts of the country which resembles like the drawings made by your next door neighbour kid, or just the snap you saw the other day in the calendar page and simply could not find the name of the location. Let me introduce you to the other parts of the country which has been rarely included in the usual itineraries offered.

1:-Quiraing in Isle of Skye:

For this part of the country, you will actually wish for more mist than sun to enjoy the surreal beauty of this place. If you have been imagining one of those chilly places from the Vampire Diaries series, then here is the landscape with sharp pinnacles, towering boulders, coiled stacks and edgy rock surfaces, all working in perfect unison to unfold a scene your memories would capture forever in mind. Forget the mist, even on sunny days it shows its own charisma.

2. 7 stanes  the mountain biking Mecca:

7 stanes the mountain biking Mecca

Pack your bags and head straight towards the southern part of the country and choose the trail for mountain biking as per your experience. This is just not for adventure lovers, if you want to really see this game side of yours, try out the beginner’s route along with your family and check out some of the lovely parts of the country. There are centres where you can get ready help as per your skill set and nurture it further by practicing. So get going with your cycling skills with 7 stanes.

3. Isle of Harris at Western Isles:

Isle of Harris at Western Isles

So you thought white sands are unique to South East Asian nations? The Isle of Harris dotting the far northwest coast of Scotland has a stretch of pure pristine white sand beaches. Be it Scarista, Seilebost or Luskentyre, or you may discover a completely new and fresh favourite of yours by simply treading the beach for long neglected hours and add to our list. If you are the person who likes to hear your own movements muffled in the amazing winds trapped in your hair, then Isle of Harris guarantees the perfect solitude.

4.Isle of Eigg; community living at its best:

Isle of Eigg; community living at its best

This part of Scotland houses a population as small as just 82 people and has a rich history to offer and feel exhilarated about. This place has something or the other to offer to its tourists all throughout the year. If you are booked for May and June then you can expect the island to be adorned with blooming flowers, in the month of September it turns into a paradise for mammal lovers. From October to March you can capture the winter lights in your lenses. Amazing local foods and accommodations are available, but then be careful to get your bookings done in advance.

5. St Kilda,a jewel in the Western Isles:

St Kilda,a jewel in the Western Isles:

It has its reasons to be valued by UNESCO World Heritage for being a place abundant with a trail of human history and rich natural heritage that is a treasure for the nation to behold.  St Kilda is an amazing archipelago which can be visited after you have enjoyed a tumultuous boat ride across the ocean for a distance of 40 miles from Western Isles. But once you visit you are sure to remain spellbound with its out of the world rock formations, vertical cliffs, adorable prancing field mouse and the white Soay sheeps dotting here and there in the natural back drop.

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