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If you ask me what is the biggest or the most challenging job for an interior designer, then I will always tell you one answer. Planning a redecoration within a tight budget is quite a tough job for any designer. Designing a place completely new and flexible to any kind of alteration is easier. But, when it comes to renovation, there are many stringent factors that we cannot hinder with. Moreover, if we have to work for the whole project within tight budget, then it is needless to say that we have very limited options in our hand. So, this is what I faced a few weeks ago when I was redesigning the kitchen of a home where the clients have given me a really tight budget.

beautiful kitchen design ideas 2017

We were planning for the home renovation and I noticed something quite weird. The homeowners were not exactly keen on spending a lot on their kitchen renovation. In fact, they were completely thinking that the task of kitchen renovation is totally useless as the kitchen is not a place where the guests and visitors will go.

We had a really hard time to convince the homeowners about the renovations of the kitchen. So, provided with the tight budget, we were given we started working. And I have realized from all the renovation process that there are a few secret tricks that can make this job really easy.  So, here I am going to share those tricks with you. I am sure if you are looking for affordable Kitchen Renovation plans then these tips will help you. If not, you can use them anyway for future.

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Increase The Source Of Light

The kitchen is an area that is often exposed to more than normal heat and moisture. So, it is natural that this room might have a gloomy atmosphere. And as we keep saying the atmosphere where you are working can affect your mood, hence, a kitchen renovation is much needed to create a brighter atmosphere. So, it is better to increase the chances of natural light to let in. However, often, kitchens don’t have a window properly to let the sunlight in. In that case, the only solution is to play with the light. Light up all the corners of the kitchen. Brightness won’t just lift the ambience of the kitchen, but will also give the illusion of a large space. So, adding lights in the kitchen can be beneficial. Don’t just stick to normal fluorescent. Think of adding some tricky lights under your cabinets too. It will make your kitchen look modern too.

Think Small Scale

There is no point of thinking to change the walls and floors of the kitchen. It will not only involve too much effort, but also too much of expenses. Now, what can be the solution? Invest in good cabinets. Apart from the walls, cabinets are the most prominent part of the kitchen. So, changing them a bit will surely leave some great impact. Get rid of those old sloppy large cabinets. Add modern RTA Cabinets. This is the most affordable choice for any kitchen. Flexible enough to suit the needs of any kitchen, these cabinets are now the best choice for kitchen, as the installation is easy. Shipping of these cabinets is pocket-friendly too, as it doesn’t need that much of space or packaging.

Don’t Change Plumbing, Focus On Fittings

Changing the plumbing of a kitchen is a strict no. It will be not only a pricy affair, but also a complicated one. If you are thinking of doing something new with it, think of fittings. Team up the right taps fittings and accessories with your kitchen cabinets and walls. It will lend your kitchen a chic, modern and functional appeal.

So, now as you are equipped with these three secret tips, I am sure you will be able to pull off the whole renovation work without any glitch. The kitchen can have a huge impact in your life. Don’t ignore it while renovating your home.

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Sean Graham is a famous blogger and interior designer. He has experience of Kitchen Renovation. Read his blogs to know more about RTA Cabinets.

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