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If you find that your home has actually lost its gorgeous and comfy look and has become shabby at places, it might be the right time for you to give it a renovation. When it comes to renovation, renovating the floor is hardly the first thing that we think of, but in reality, renovating even only the floor can give the total atmosphere in your home a ready boost.


Another point that often holds us back from thinking about floor renovations is the cost. Renovating the floor of your whole home or even the floor of a particular room can be expensive due to several factors, and hence often when we are looking for pocket friendly home renovation options we keep the floor renovation out of consideration. However, in reality, even effective floor renovations can be done without straining your pocket. This article is aimed towards providing you with information about the different ways of floor renovation that you can complete even in a budget.

Install floating floor

Install floating floor

The floating floors come as a very budget friendly option. If you are planning to revamp the floor of your home or a single room simply opt for the floating floors over the traditional strips. There are many benefits of floating floors, first of all when you are installing a floating floor you need not to worry much about the sub-floor because in this case the new floor is not attached with the sub floor rather the pieces are attached with each other. These floors can go over more or less any material, starting from concrete, plywood, ceramic tile to vinyl sheets. So, for making your floor revamp budget friendly there cannot be any other better way than opting for these flooring that you can install over any floor. Another benefit of floating floors is that as they are easy to install so you can easily complete the installation on your own, saving heavily on the floor installation cost.

Engineered wood floors are more cost effective:

The hardwood is surely a classic flooring option, but when cost is a factor opting for the engineered wood floors is the best way to go. The engineered wood floors come as thin sheets and they are much easier to install. The good quality engineered floors with proper factory-finish are perfectly durable to serve you for years and hence settling down for these floors is always a budget friendly option without compromising with the quality of the flooring or the longevity.

Paint your floor:

Source:- Groomedhome

Source:- Groomedhome

When you are looking out for a quick and budget friendly flooring renovation option, painting your floor can make a wise choice. You can simply paint your floor in a checkerboard fashion to revamp the whole look quickly without straining your pocket. When it comes to painting the floor, you also have many color options. However, it is important that you should go by a color scheme that actually meets with the other elements of the interior as well as your likings and the purpose of the renovation. Before you start with the project, make it a appoint to educate yourself about painting a floor.

Lay vinyl tile flooring:

Source:- armstrong

Source:- armstrong

This is another cost effective and easy way to give your floors a revamped look without straining your budget. Vinyl tiles are very cost effective and they come in several color options making it possible for you to create a textured or checkerboard design with bright borders within hours. You can install the vinyl tile flooring of a medium sized room on your own within a single day of work.

So, when in budget, consider any of the above options to renovate your floor.

About the author: The writer of this article is a flooring specialist working with a top notch flooring service provider of California. He also enjoys writing and sharing his knowledge on his personal blog. You can find more post on (, Facebook or follow on G+.

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