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Many people picture Australia as a country with amazing wildlife, pristine beaches, and stretches of untouched coastlines. If there is one area in Down Under that brings that kind of picture to life, it is the Great Ocean Road.

Any traveler should add the Great Ocean Road to their itinerary when visiting Melbourne or any part of the state of Victoria. That is if they find the breathtaking wilderness worth a go, which they should.

There is nothing like going on a road trip to experience firsthand the natural beauty of Australia. Here are some of the things anyone going to the Great Ocean Road should do.

Absorb the scenery 

The state of Victoria has a coastline that covers a broad range of scenery. The Bells Beach boasts of world-famous waves. It is a renowned surf beach located southwest of Melbourne. Travelers can also laze around on the sand in the town of Anglesea, also in the Surf Coast Shire.

Going to the Great Ocean Road also means seeing the 12 Apostles. The collection of limestone stacks by the shore of Port Campbell National Park are a must-see. The stacks are close to one another, making them a popular tourist attraction. People can see the 12 Apostles up close by driving in Port Campbell, where they can also find the London Arch and the Shipwreck Coast.

Be one with nature

The Great Ocean Road also equates to diversity. It is where tourists can spend a day in rainforests, raft through rivers, see old volcanoes, and appreciate rugged coastlines. In the Great Otway National Park, people will find breathtaking and thundering waterfalls hidden between stunning gorges.

People can also walk through ancient tree tops by going to the Otway Fly Treetop Walk, where there is a 600-m long walk ascending through the magnificent Australian rainforest. Those who are looking for some thrill and adventure can also zip line above the forest floor, at the height of 30 m.

If the heights are somewhat intimidating, tourists can still enjoy nature by walking on the sandy beaches along the Ocean Road and Get a taste of the local flavor.

Nature is not the only thing that entices tourists in the Great Ocean Road. The area is also famous for its sumptuous local produce as well as the excellent dining and winery experience it offers.

Seafood lovers can also enjoy a taste of the morning catch of the local fishermen. Fresh oysters are a must-try too. For the Australian staple, tourists can get their share of flake and chips.

There are also raspberries and blackberries travelers up for harvest. If berries aren’t the traveler’s taste, there are gourmet cheeses to lure visitors to local delicatessens. Pair those with a good-tasting Australian wine for a truly delicious experience.

There are cool climate wineries to greet foreign and local tourists along the Great Ocean Road. There are also excellent restaurants in the area, some of which require a reservation. But with advanced booking or none, there are surely lots places that offer only the highest quality local produce.

Meet the wildlife

underwater photography of brown and black turtle

As mentioned earlier, there is an abundance of wildlife in the Great Ocean Road. Travelers can see southern right whales and their calves up close in a nursery by the shore of Logans Beach in Warrnambool.

There are also fur seals that welcome tourists visiting Cape Bridgewater. People who want to meet more wildlife can also swim with dolphins on the Bellarine Peninsula, specifically at Queenscliff. Others can visit the koalas at Kennett River as well as in the Great Otway National Park.

Those who want to play golf and at the same time spend time with wildlife, in particular kangaroos, can do that at Anglesea. Other tourists can also go canoeing on Lake Elizabeth where there are platypuses.

Great Ocean Road Activities

Adrenaline junkies can also enjoy a road trip through the Great Ocean Road by doing some thrilling activities like skydiving, surfing, and zip lines. They just have to contact local tours to guide them through these exciting activities. They can also ask local car rental service providers about a possible tour along this part of Australia.


Going on a Great Ocean Road trip is a jaw-dropping experience anyone should try at some point in their lives. There are majestic sceneries to absorb, good food and wine to try, wonderful wildlife to meet, and plenty of activities to do. So, drive now to get to the Great Ocean Road and experience everything it has to offer firsthand.


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