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Bengal, the marshy tropical state of India has its class apart style statement, beauty definitions, intelligentsia which has unparallel fame all over the world, and of course it is the haven for food lovers. Besides the spicy food and world famous outlets for junky as well as traditional Bengali platter, one will stay mesmerised with the plethora of sweets and dessert varieties provided. Not only Indians from various parts of the nation but also people all across the globe get spell bound with the never ever tasted desserts and sweets that are lavished on them by Bengal.


1:- Rasgulla : Well, that maybe how it should be written, but I can warn you that you better be ready for a brawl if you contradict the way it is pronounced (read roshogolla) fondly by the locals of the place. No matter how small a sweet shop is finding the soft, and baby white cottage cheese balls dipped in sugar syrup can never be too difficult a task for any one. Bengalis have it before or after their meal, serve it with love to any guests visiting their home, and keep it stocked for future. So never ever miss out on these tasty, spongy balls of life. Old sweet shops like KC Dass or even Haldiram offer them canned for carrying them in long distance sojourns.

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