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Hoi An is a tourist attraction throughout the year. You can visit Hoi An to enjoy their warm spring or to watch the rays of sunshine spread over the ancient streets of summer and autumn. Located in the Central Vietnam near the equator gives Hoi An an advantage in appealing tourists over the seasons, even on the rainy days when everyone thinks the weather might hinder the fun of the trip.

Things to do in Hoi an


I’ve been to Hoi An 2 times, first time with the family, the other time with my dear friends, so I think I will choose other destinations for relaxing after wearing days in business in Danang. But once the work was finished; I still followed my heart and headed to Hoi An. My friends advised me lots of attractive things in this rainy season that I had not experienced before. And there is something I want to share from my experiences during such memorable trip.

1:-Hotels, guest houses, home-stay with reasonable price

One of my friends used to tell me so. In the rainy season, hotels and motels usually offer visitors discounts to attract tourists. Save your budget and avoid the crowd! The rates are fairly moderate, home-stay takes you about 10 USD/night and hotels just from 20USD/night.

2:-Cool and Pleasant Climate

Hoi an Rainy Season

The winter of Northern Vietnam is often very extreme with prolonged cold weather. But the weather in Hoi An is much more pleasant. For those who want to escape from the severe arctic environment of North or the heat of the South, Hoi An is an ideal location.

3:-Enjoy the peaceful old town, no hustle and bustle of tourists

I love tranquility, maybe because I was born in a big family, I always need to be alone and think about my life and all things I do. Hoi An is always my perfect place. It welcomes me with peace. Since its not the main tourist season, most people come to Hoi An as foreign tourists. Vietnamese rarely visit here at this time of year. The old town will become more peaceful and less crowded. Guests may comfortably walk or ride a bike to explore the streets of hundreds years old.

Guest House in Hoi an

You can catch couples walking hand in hand in the drizzle rain on the roads, in the romantic atmosphere of both the rain and incense smell. It is worth being voted by foreign magazines vas one of the 10 most romantic spots in the world.

4:-Watch sea in the winter

Early in the second morning, I go to the beach and sit for watching the coastline stretching and cower in a seaside cafe drinking a hot cup of tea, read a book, enjoy the feeling of cold, the salty smell of the sea.

5:-The cheap ticket

On the occasion of Tet holiday, Hoi An often has scattered rains, no storms or flooding, which should be the appropriate time to enjoy the quiet atmosphere, no hustle. At the same time, the airlines usually have promotions to encourage tourists; therefore, if you are lucky enough, you can get cheap tickets. If you take time doing some online search, you can find budget tours with good value at the price much lower than your expectation (Note that: In Quang Nam, there is no airport, so tourists to Hoi An will transfer from Da Nang airport. Its really cheap at the time I call on).Travelling to Hoi An is pretty easy but dont be reckless! Take time doing some research as I did. There are plenty tips for you.

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My name is Rosy(Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung), a travel enthusiast and would love to share my stories, recommendations and tips to travel lovers around the world.

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