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More than a half of the percentage of how people get your perception is by your dressing. It is important that you consider various factors before you finalize your professional outfit. You would not want to be ignored because of your dressing. So you need to be very careful while having professional attire. Here are some helpful tips for you to choose your professional attire.



Suits always reflect how professional and serious you are about your job. You need to buy a nice suit that does not have a loud color and fits you perfectly. By loud color, I mean a color that might take away the attention of the other person while a conversation. Grey, navy blue, charcoal or chocolate brown suits work most of the time. Basically the suit needs to be in a dark color. And it is important that the suit fits you perfectly since it would not look good if you are wearing a suit that has loose shoulders etc.



Apart from the suits, shirts that you wear must be formal and appropriate according to your designation. Wear plain self-textured shirts or checks or stripes but just make sure they do not look informal or immature. Another important factor in deciding what shirts you want to wear is that the shirts must fit you perfectly. A good place to get perfect shirts is Custom Stitchers. You should keenly observe and eradicate any loose threads coming out of cloth and cut them for a neater look. A part of your shirt, the tie, should be complimenting your suit or the shirt. It must not be funky or dull colored. Just be aware if the tie matches your age span.



Shoes are simply a symbol of your personal elegance as they reflect the extent of attention you give to yourself. Wearing good expensive shoes is not the whole deal. Wearing appropriate shoes is the real deal. Instead of investing in Sneakers and Joggers, you need to go for Loafers or Oxfords and in the place of bright shouting colors, get dark ones. Be careful about cleaning your shoes. Dirty shoes reflect carelessness and untidy behavior.


Outfits matter only when your personality is significant.

Your hairstyle must be perfect. It does not matter what hairstyle you make. What matters is whatever you make must be neat. Your nails must be clipped neatly and your skin must on have dust on it. Your ankles must be perfectly washed and your neck should not be revealing black skin lines. Make sure your nose does not itch and your ears are wax-free.



Being professional and being rational are two different things. You wont be seen as a rational person if you wear a warm suit in summers and more importantly, you will not be comfortable yourself. It is important that you wear clothes that are according to the season. It is not an obligation to wear suits in every season. Tailor made dress shirts with slacks and a tie also works if the weather is too hot since it will reflect you dynamic personality.

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