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House Remodeling is a process for essential for home improvement. However, this process compromises security in many ways, from increasing possible entrance points, to turning off some security system and even endangering children from construction hazards.

Whether you’re in need of a professional landscaper, painter, plumber or electrician, finding a trusted and competent candidate might be as important as keeping your house safe. After you find one, you’ll have to worry about keeping your possessions and family safe while on the process.

Property crime rate is steady increasing for the last 10 years and Burglars are in every corner of the country. If they see your house isn’t secure, they are going to find ways to take advantage of it. Unattended houses always have tall grass, piled up newspapers and a dark and quiet interior. These might serve as a clue that the home is vacant.

Not only that, those who remodel their homes usually leave out signs like areas covered in tarps, workers constantly dropping by at the house and people walking in and out of your home. This could leave to a burglary if not prevented.


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If you are investing time and money to remodel your home, protect your home by following these  very simple steps:

#1 Hire a Professional

Finding a respected professional is the first step to protecting your home during remodeling. You can find many sites in the internet that should help in making this task easier.

Read reviews about professionals that have worked nearby and find out any issues involving them.

It is not uncommon to hear about dishonest contractors stealing from the houses they work on. Just to make sure, keep an eye on your valuables during the remodeling process to make sure that everything is intact.

#2 Keep your house well-lit

Keeping your outdoors well-lit is an essential part of keeping your house safe. If the outside of your home is exposed you should make sure that everything is visible even at night.

Don’t give burglars a change to enter your house. Outside lights with motion sensors will be very helpful in deterring burglars.

#3 Keep your home clean and uncluttered

I know it must be a lot of hassle to clean up as the house is being remodeled but this is actually very helpful. Most huge projects may need several contractors on your house with tools lying around everywhere.

Burglars can make quick cash with tools that are lying around and may come back for a bigger crime next.

Speak with who is in charge of your remodel and ask them to make sure the workers clean their tools and lock up their equipment before leaving the house each day.

#4 Monitor your home

Some home security providers offer you the ability to lock and unlock your home’s doors and remotely arm and disarm your home security. You don’t have to give a key to the workers or even your passcode.

Tell them that it’s not about having trust issues but it is just a precaution to avoid the chance of theft. Advise them that you will be monitoring your home.

#5 Upgrade your home security system.

When in doubt, upgrade your home security system. Put security cameras to alert you when workers enter an area in your home they are not supposed to.  Keep an eye on your home even remotely using your android phone or tablet.

Many home security providers offer mobile applications that send you alerts when an incident happens, such as when the front door opens or when an alarm is triggered.  You can watch your home real-time using these apps right from your computer or through your mobile device. Remodels normally go smoothly and don’t affect the safety of your home. But it always pays to be careful.

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