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No matter how much in hurry, no matter whatever size bag they carry, most women do not forget to stuff in a shade or two of lipsticks in their bags. That is indeed very feminine and peppy, but how about putting a little more extra effort and carrying the best lipsticks for your skin tone?

Our skin tone playsmammoth role in defining the best shades that delineates us from the rest. But then the question arises- How to pick lipstick for your skin tone?

Let us burn down this exercise and make it simple.

1:-Make an observation of your skins undertone in natural lighting:-

Identify SkinIf one observes closely then they would notice that some of the best photography comes alive in natural light. Similarly you can examine your skin tone best in natural light to understand your skin tone.

2:-Undertone identification:-

The undertone or complexion of your skin can be fair, dusky or dark. If it is fair, you must identify whether its more wheatish (warm or yellow tinged) or pinkish (cooler and light toned).

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UndertoneThe methods that can be tried are:-

  • Hold your wrist in natural light to check the undertone of your veins
  • Observe your eye color in front of the mirror during daytime
  • Hold a golden tinged dress or jewellery and a silver tinged jewelllery/or a grey dress in front of yourself.


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3:-Mark the color of your veins running under the skin of the wrist:


Our skin guarding the wrists of our hands happens to be comparatively thinner than the rest of the bodys skin and retains the original complexion tone of the skin as it remains the least exposed to light throughout ones lifetime. Hold your wrist in natural light and examine:-

  • If a mixture of green and blue is observed then consider yourself lucky as you belong to neutral shade and can carry shades suitable for both cool and warm complexions.
  • If you feel that your veins are more green tinged then your skin tone is more warm or yellowish.
  • If you find the colors of your veins are blue then you can infer that you are more of cool or pink shade.

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4:-Your skins reaction to sunlight:

The degree of getting tan and burning can let ladies analyze their skin tones.

  1. Over tanning: If melanin production is more among some individual then they can infer their skin has warm or yellow and olive or sallow under tone.
  2. Mild tanning: if tanning is not vehement then possibly you are of neutral tone.
  3. Very Little tanning: People with cooler hue or pinkish undertone tend to tan very little as melanin production is significantly less in their body.

5:-Pick based on your skin tone:

Ladies tend to get misguided with all kinds of information circulating around the makeup industry. There are quite a number of lipstick shades available for fair as well as dusky and dark undertones. There is no need to fret with various shades.

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