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6 immediate health benefits of using a massage chair


With the advancement of modern technology, massage chairs have been updated from luxury chairs to fully programmed chairs that are designed in a way to provide you maximum health benefits. Massage chairs are now popularly known to provide relief from pain and stress and give a relaxed feeling. This article will enlist six immediate health benefits you must be aware of if you are a user or if you are looking forward to buying a massage chair.


  1. Boost your energy


Massage chair boosts your energy by stretching the tired and worn out muscles so that you feel relaxed and revitalized. The massage chair is like a battery that gives you the power you need and increases your productivity at work.


  1. Reduce muscle pain and tension


Most office workers who have to do desk job complain about the back pain. This is because of constantly sitting on a chair for a long period and also due to improper posture.

The Massage chair is customized to provide you relief from back pain and reduce tension by targeting specific muscles and using strokes to ease the muscles. There are different programs that you can choose from. For example, you will choose the program that specifically targets the back if you have pain in your back. Massage therapy is targeted to provide comfort to your spinal cord and identify the fatigued, worn out muscles relaxing them and alleviating the pain thereby reducing your intake of pain killers.


  1. Increase circulation


Massage chair works by activating the nervous system that in turn relaxes the muscles and improve blood circulation in the body. Constricted or tense muscles constrict the blood flow.

Blood carries with it oxygen and nutrients therefore when the muscles are relaxed blood flows towards every tissue and organ proving them with oxygen and nutrients and removing toxins. You feel refreshed and energetic when your body is well oxygenated.


  1. Lower the levels of lactic acid in the body


During intense exercise there is not enough oxygen available in the body, therefore to produce energy a substance named lactate is produced. The body can convert this lactic acid to energy without the use of oxygen. Higher lactate levels increase acidity in the muscles cells and slow down their capacity to do more work.

Massage chair enhances the blood circulation of the body thereby increasing the oxygen supply to the muscles and body tissues. When oxygen supply is increased, the levels of lactic acid falls, and the muscles are revitalized.


  1. Secretion of endorphins


Massage therapy increases the secretion of endorphins. Endorphins are neurotransmitters that are involved in reducing the perception of pain and relieving stress. High levels of endorphins in the bloodstream increase the efficiency of the immune system and create a relaxed feeling thereby improving both physical and mental health.


  1. Improve posture


Improving the overall posture of the body is another benefit gained by the use of massage chair. A good massage chair will heal and adjust the misalignments of the spine, shoulder and neck muscles, therefore, giving your body a proper posture.


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