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In today’s fast paced lives, we always look for a chance to make ourselves happy and nourish our wants and desires. There are hundreds and thousands of avenues provided by the consumer world to entice us into buying things and services for our well being, for our happiness. We do fall prey to all the glitz and glamour and spend loads of our hard earned money, but for what? To buy ourselves some quality time and happiness. Little we realize that spending money for solely ourselves can never give real joy.

Real Happiness

A Real pleasure lies in looking for opportunities to spend money on helping others and making us happy. The whole path of deriving happiness is about putting across a smile on the other’s face and experiencing pleasure. Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton of University of British Columbia and Harvard Business School have recently established that smart investment on other’s happiness can really make people happy.

Strong social ties are made:

As we choose to help others or spend on others, we are establishing a conversation with the other person realizing their hardships and their aspirations. People get to connect with each other when they try to understand the reason for spending a part of their earnings on others. They tend to identify themselves in the same situation and empathize. This is a source of inner satisfaction and in the long run becomes a source of happiness.

Removed insecurity and the feeling of being lonely:

The research revealed that people, who invest on other’s emotions, will keep insecurity at bay.While they choose to stand beside another person during their problem, they know that they have made one connections or connections who would also stand beside them when they are in need of aid, support or company. As a result, they know they would not be alone, and would have company in some or the other form. A person who is lonely with lots of money can never be happy, but persons with modicum wealth, but with stronger social ties are likely to stay joyous.

Self esteem is likely to increase: As we realize that we have been able to bring about a positive change in the life of another individual, it is probable that we are supposed to develop some amount of pride and we will get a moral boost for our self esteem. We are in a position to regard ourselves with more respect than before.

Sense of responsibility:

Sense of responsibility Quotes

The fact that others can financially rely upon us, itself can be a cause of producing a sense of responsibility. As an individual grows more responsible, he or she becomes capable of taking decisions for greater good. The sense of responsibility can make one feel contended and hence become a source of happiness.

Self dependence increases: The power to control temptations to spend on ourselves nurtures our inner being. Not only can others, but even we as a person feel that we can depend on ourselves for making the right choices in our lives. We get ready to take charge of situations.

Quality time is spent: In our busy schedule we lose the purpose of earning money, it is for spending good time with the society. As people choose to spend money on others, they also manage to squeeze some quality time for themselves in interacting with others which makes them happy.

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