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Home is where happiness is. At the end of the day, it is the welcoming aura of your home that makes you happy. No matter how bad the day is, a few relaxing minutes on the living room couch shoots up your mood, doesnt it? Home is the perfect place for unwinding, for being yourself. Living room (or drawing room) is a very important part of the house as this is what you see first when you enter. The interior of the drawing room must be something that matches your status and says what you want to say. Cluster-free arrangement of the furniture, soothing color palette in the room, beautiful artifacts, and creative drapes, all contribute to the beautification of the living room.

Look for some great living room beautification tips? Here are 6 points that will help you decide whats best for your living room:

  1. Let Your Living Room Breathe

Let Your Living Room Breathe

Ask yourself: Do you really need that many photo frames on your wall? Are you able to move around freely in your living room? Is your living room looking smaller than earlier? In our love for our homes, we tend to decorate them with everything we can think of there. Excessive decoration of your living room will make it look much smaller and congested. You dont want your guests being hindered by your things as well as your excessive furniture upon entering your home do you?

  1. Be Smart and Get Reclining Furniture

Be Smart and Get Reclining Furniture

Your living room is probably where you spend most of your time. It is the one room in your home where you watch TV, become a couch-potato on the weekends or simply read your magazines/newspapers. It is your ideal room to find your Zen and peace and it is important to keep it as comfortable as possible. Ordinary couches and chairs may give you unnecessary backaches. Spend some money and buy some reclining furniture that will allow you to spend long hours in your living room in comfort.

  1. Lighten up Some Points

Lighten up Some Points

Lights in your living room must be soothing to your eyes and should not be giving you a restless feel. Bright overhead lights are a big no as they may hamper your sleep. Choose the points that are attractive in your room and focus on them. Put soft and colorful lights over these points. You can use spot lighting at the points where brightness is needed like near or above your sofa. Switch to full-spectrum bulbs instead of normal ones. They will be a bit expensive but will help create a soothing atmosphere.

  1. Create a Path for Easy Moving

Create a Path for Easy Moving

Rearrange your furniture if you find your guests legs being hampered it. No one likes a cramped room occupied by more things than are necessary. Moving around in your living room should be pleasant and accident-free. Basic arrangement include keeping the center area free and using the area near the walls. You can also create a path my putting carpets or rugs on your floor, as well as by putting separate tiles and lighting the proper points.

  1. Warm Colors for a Lively Room

Warm Colors for a Lively Room

Warm and earthy tones create a lively atmosphere. Choose your living room shades of color from the greens, yellows, purples and even black & white. Match your pillows, photo frames, drapes, fans and table lamps with your wall color to make things lovely. Bright colors like red and orange stress your eyeballs and tend to drain you. An earthy color palette for the interior of your drawing room will create a relaxed environment, giving you a good enough reason to spend more time at home.

  1. Bring the Outdoors In

Bring the Outdoors

Remember that soothing feeling while traveling in the woods or walking on a lush green lawn? You can get a similar effect sitting in your own living room. You can create and experience this feeling by bringing in a few houseplants or maybe hang a mirror right across the largest window to increase outdoor vantage points. Strategically place a vase full of flowers on a table and make sure to water them daily. Introduce herbs or any other beautiful plants near your entrance. You may even try a vertical garden! Select a wall in the room or maybe hang a plant in a peculiar way. Natural elements in your living room will enhance the peace factor and will encourage interpersonal interactions.

Your home is a precious asset. Follow these points and your living room will get a delightful makeover. Make your friends and neighbors be envious by following these points!

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