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On the surface, traveling is a way out of one’s regular life, a change that each individual crave for at some point in their lives. Or to put it in more general terms, travels is one of the ways (amongst thousand other ways) in which immediate change can be felt and observed. Yes, travel is about going to exquisite locations in the glory of another land or enjoying the typical delicacies, culture and environment of a different zone. But ask a traveler the experience is beyond the regular obvious stuff.

Maybe like most of the things in life we underestimate the power of travel, restricting it to only love for new places or some sought of luxury entertained by very few. This list will entail about the different ways in which travel adds to one’s life.

  1. One Gets Time for Themselves

Life is rushing ahead and everyone is trying to run alongside with it to not miss on their responsibilities. But hush, wait and breathe. One needs to spend time with oneself or maybe with people they are close to. Traveling gives you that time you mostly seek for.

  1. One Begins to Appreciate

Appreciating beauty, be it in form of landmarks or life, is not something that comes handy to most people. Well, maybe because in most cases there’s no time to look at beautiful things that surrounds us. While you are traveling, you look around, seek for more and breathe in the air like never before. You can find yourself capturing many moments as a reminder of the peaceful state you once lived.

  1. One Meets Many People


Continuing on the above-mentioned point, one comes across many people in the duration of their journey and begins to appreciate their existence as well. You start speaking with a random person sitting next to you in a train/bus journey, or the cab-driver, or the hotel staff and acknowledge their help at every single moment. Above all, you learn a lot from these people, things that no books can teach.

  1. Your Knowledge Increases

This is simple and straight-forward. No maps, review websites, pictures can give you a complete feel/experience of a destination. You have to go there and live it, see how it is for yourself. In the process, one learns so much about the place and creates life-time experiences. Their geographical and cultural knowledge enhances as a result.

  1. One Becomes Independent and Learns to Handle Difficult Situations

A lot of mishaps can happen during a journey, especially for a first timer. Even if they don’t take actually happen, a person tends to constantly think of these incidents taking place. This can include checking in the correct hotel, not missing a transport, handling luggage and other belongings and so on. One learns to be careful and open-eyed all the time. In some ways, you begin to safeguard yourself and learn to cope with panic situations. One might panic, but after things get sorted it’s a victory moment.

  1. Traveling Is Re-Energizing

Yes, you get the much-wanted break you were looking for. And despite the post-journey tiredness, one’s spirits are high. To put it a clumsy way; traveling works like revitalizing capsule one takes to keep going with their surroundings.  Post a trip, one surely notices this change. A regular day, but a different you!

  1. Realization Time for Oneself

Traveling is like an exploration period, literally as well as metaphorically. You play with your choices and see what are your likes and dislikes. Moreover, there’s an internal realization that takes place, what is one capable of doing and who one is and what they truly love. As a famous quote goes,” A man realizes their true potential in the midst of most unexpected situations.” To put it more logically, it’s an outcome of the time you get where you don’t have to worry. After all, you end up wandering in your thought and on the beautiful roads!

  1. Building of a Newer Perspective

After seeing much at its core, one’s thoughts are supposed to adjust to the new discoveries made. At the end, we all are evolving and will continue to evolve till our last breaths. So yes, exposure leads to contradiction of previous ideas and setting up new thoughts in sync with the reality. Thus, one changes; maybe by an iota but in the most mystic ways which constructively builds up their character.

And there’s no end to this learning, or any kind of learning for that matter. Most of all, one can only experience this joy of traveling by actually traveling. There’s no other shortcut.

Author Biography:

Rohit is a travel enthusiast and has visited most of India. When his friends ask him about his reasons for traveling so often, he gives a very simple answer to it, “I forget myself after every while and goes in the search again to find something more.”  You can read more about his travel journeys on

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