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When it comes to a man’s dressing, it’s a canvas that you can have lots of fun playing with, the problem is will you choose to? There are so many aspects of menswear that you can alternate, mix and match and make it not only a different and unique outfit, but also manage to look classy and sophisticated. One such aspect that is quite commonly overlooked, or just not given enough importance, is the tie in a man’s outfit. The importance of a tie is often underestimated, even though it can give you that one thing that will complete your look, and make it better or worse.
Here’s a quick guide to picking out the best tie for your attire.


Ties And Dress Shirts
What definitely makes your tie work with your clothes is the fact that the fabric of your tie must go well with the fabric of your dress shirt. If you wear a silk tie with an oxford dress shirt, you are a train wreck waiting to happen. Not only do the textures clash, but they also render your attire unpleasant to look at. Therefore, for a more coordinated look, opt for textures that match, if they aren’t the same.
Ties And Seasons
You need to remember that your ties need to be season-appropriate, only then will they stand out and not give you a careless look. Also, this will help you out with what we mentioned above; making sure that your tie and custom dress shirt/suit does not clash with each other.

Tie SuitsSummer and spring bring out the lighter fabrics and to pair your ties with them, you need to head for ties made of light fabrics. Raw silk, linen, seersucker and madras are good options for these seasons. Match them with suits of similar fabrics and you’re set to go. Also, you can find a wide variety of colors and patterns in these fabrics. Though, if you’re headed to work, I’d recommend more neutral and sober colors.

Winter and fall bring in the chilly weather and heavier fabrics. These seasons require wools, tweeds, cashmeres and knits. Silks are an all season kind of tie fabrics, but be careful when experimenting with those. The colors for winter and fall are darker, natural tones.

Common Textures Of Ties
Let’s give you some commonly worn textures.

Tie with Shirts

  • Silks: Not only are these difficult to find, they are also very classy and sleek. They often have a rough texture, and are commonly used for casual affairs than formal wear. These ties, though, are all season affairs.
  • Linen: Another option commonly used for casual wear is the linen tie. Though, this one is a seasonal tie, very well used for summer stuff.
  • Wool: This is another informal tie, to be used in the winter months, since wool is a winter/fall texture.

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