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A home improvement project can be something as small as creating a feature wall of your favourite framed pictures or it can be as large scale as a full scale attic conversion or conservatory extension.

Whatever the size of the project, to ensure that it works well is important and requires focus and planning. If the project is large scale, it’s vital that you source high quality contractors who will reliably carry out the work. So how do you source such contractors?

The first port of call is to ask friends and family for recommendations and to physically go and see the work at their place.

Once you have put together an isolated list of possible contractors, visit their website, look at their other work and read some independent testimonials. If you put in the effort at this stage, you have more of a chance of retaining the services of a quality group of individuals which will deliver a project that you will be ultimately satisfied with. The guys over at EZ Living have put together this useful infographic which suggests some apps that you can use throughout the course of your home improvement project. It segments the process so it, for example suggests apps for the research segment of the project and other apps for when the project is happening. Check it out below and good luck with your project!

Best Home Improvement and Remodeling Apps in 2017 - Infographic

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