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A growing number of people are fed up with their jobs. They dread being stuck in sterile cubicles and make a tactical retreat to the home environment. Their goal is to escape the stress of corporate offices, achieve a better work-life balance, and climb up the career ladder on their own terms. However, working from a kitchen table while the lunch is brewing does not cut. What you need is a dedicated workspace that has everything you need in order to nail your tasks.

In the zone

There is a wide array of advantages home offices provide. First off, you have the freedom to decorate and design your office as you please. It is more comfortable and you are able to be your own boss. Then again, it would be wise to adhere to some basic rules that help you put together a functional, well-organized space. Rest assured that the environment has a profound impact on your mood and productivity.

One of the main things I became aware of is that clutter and chaos are to be avoided at all costs as they tend to affect our mental state. You have to keep them at bay to prevent mind-blocks, mental noise, and stress.

So, one mistake to steer clear of is blending the home office with the rest of the living environment. Namely, it should be a separate entity, away from all the distractions and goings-on. Therefore, maintain the boundaries within the home and expel TV, gaming consoles, and other distractions from the office. Moreover, the work environment should have a distinctive vibe and looks that instantly put you in the zone.


Paragons of functionality

Good seating support is paramount. Most of the time spent in the office is spent sitting. Hence, poor posture, as well as a shabby quality of your chair, take a toll on your health and cause problems such as back pain. On the other hand, quality ergonomic chairs preserve good health and benefit your productivity. One thing to note is that the desk should fit the chair and allow everything from a keyboard to the files to be within your reach.

Furthermore, lighting is another mainstay of office functionality. It must neither be too dim nor too bright. One overhead fixture is not enough, as you need multiple sources of light. A desk lamp with a direct exposure over the work area is a common sight in home offices and certainly a must-have. Oh, and if you can pull it off, maximize the amount of natural lighting. It has a rejuvenating effect on our psyche and improves your mood.

Lay the groundwork for productivity

Flooring does not get the attention it deserves. It is the main victim of wear and tear, forces that reduces its lifetime. That is to say, its durability is a priority. Laminate, vinyl tiles, marble, ceramic tile, all these options have their pros and cons, so weigh them carefully. Also, replaceable rugs and mats are a nice solution to mitigate the impact on your floor and boost its lifespan. Finally, anti-fatigue mats work miracles for those that like to work in front of a standing desk.

One final piece of the puzzle comes in the form of an ample storage space. It is an essential aspect, a key to making your space neat and less cramped. And in case you have limited space, strive to make the most out of it with built-in, custom-made, and wall-mounted storage options. Equip your home office  with filing cabinets, files, folders, and shelves. Keep the desk clean and your focus will be razor-sharp and the concentration peerless.

Get down to business

Well-designed home offices are a proof that work does not have to be tedious and time-devouring. They are viable alternatives to those modern-day dungeons disguised as corporate workspaces. Still, you have to invest time, money, and effort in it. Get back to the basics and create a simple backdrop. Focus on the functionality first and deliver finishing touches by decorating and personalizing the space. If you really mean business, make you office welcoming, comfortable, stimulating, and efficient.

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 Molly is a student of Interior Design. Drawing, photography and especially urban design are her passions. Aside from studying, she enjoys watching documentary movies about the history of art and interior design. For her articles, she often consults decor specialists, reads home organization blogs from experts such as Matshop Pty Ltd and other blogger experts.

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