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As we all aspire to be like the one person in our school who has all the attention of both the mentor and the peer group, or the individual who lights up the office, the moment he or she enters the work premises, we really miss out a major point. In the pursuit of getting into someone elses skin and enjoying their shares of lives, you forget to love our self, to pamper our self. The essence of being who we are mainly comprises of loving and admiring the complete being that resides within, making a silent acceptance of our nature, our behavior and reactions to this phenomenal event called life. I would like to take the opportunity to make you proud of yourself and nurture those hidden qualities within you and share some self grooming tips that would transform the petals in you into a full blossomed flower.

See yourself from the perception of those who love you and love them back

Blossom Into the Person You Really Wish to be

Love is one of the greatest assets to hold dearly all throughout the life. No matter how harsh and critical we get with ourselves, try to get into the shoes of your parents, your childhood tutor, your neighborhood granny- what made them love you so much, are they really stupids to love you? Well no, they loved the fresh childlike agility you possessed, which made them trust you, which made them take care of you. So this can never be the first time, you must again shed all your inhibitions and mingle with them with your child like exuberance. These are some of those rare places which can bring about that ray of positivity in you which you thought was lost. Love them back with the same intensity and rediscover. Trust me the dazzle of the previous personality is on its way back in life again.

Stop being scared to be the loser

Stop being scared to be the loser

It is not so easy to accept our faults and admit that the battle is lost. But a fallen warrior will not remain groveling in the sand forever, they are bound to rise, formulate new strategies and fight back fiercely with much better vigor. Did you ever think that it was not so easy for the manager in your office to get that position of fame, charisma and success? Often we think that life was a bed of roses and silver platter for those who are charming. We tend to overlook the adversities that they may have faced in order to be in possession of that magnetic personality. They probably faltered, fell, and tried rising again and again till they grew impeccable. So dont hold back your worst predictions about the end results and keep yourself from trying and losing a deal.

Believe in the power of healing

Believe in the power of healing

Even the weakest of all can be the mighty possessor of positivity that can not only heal their own wounds but also act like a soothing balm for those around them who are in need of care and attention. One of the best self development tips would be to treat those worst of situations that we think will leave us scarred for lives can heal from the mere love and faith we show in ourselves.

Try to learn something new every day


Take a topic and glean as much information as possible, and think of it most of the time. Learn and try to grasp the topic as much as you can and keep reminding at every stage that the subject has to be so well understood that you can be your mentor the next day. This way the learning grows stronger and the effort of learning is far more sincere. Keep taking one topic after the other which are interlinked in this way and which is of benefit and interest and keep the process of getting wiser every day alive. This way you will not be a copy cat, copying the person you admire and aspire to be and forcing yourself to adopt liking and taking interest in topics that interest her/him. Rather you would shine by carving your own niche.

Remove the clutter from work desk and from home

Messy Desks

Another effective self development tip would be to remove all those extra things and papers which are no more needed, they hold back thought and frustrate us and eventually prevent us from moving forward and nurturing ourselves.

At times it is advisable to treat the mind like a blank page

One of the most vital self grooming tip would be to spend a minute everyday when there will be no thoughts, the brain will be a blank canvas, no thoughts of either pain or happiness. It allows the brain to rejuvenate itself and perform better the next day and remove any sort of negativity that has been in the way of your acquiring the amazing personality you have been struggling so hard.

An untangled mind would make way for clarity of thoughts that would lead to bonding with each and every individual around us at a distinct and exclusive level. There will be many self grooming courses available all across your city talking about self grooming and self development tips, but very few can make a difference. Read our post on communication skill development to learn more.

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