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The Shift Dress has been inspired by the beaded and fringed style of a flapper dress. The flapper dresses have been popular amongst the ladies starting as early as the 1920s because of its free-moving drop waist and straight, loose fit which allowed ladies to dance with ease! As the 20s and the 60s are significant periods when a shift in the culture was observed, it could be said with little wonder that these are also the periods of major changes in global fashion trends.

Shift Dress

The shift dress has managed to stick around since it was first introduced in the 1960s and it could well be said that it has turned into a fashion staple now. This dress was simply known as a lily, as it was popularized by the socialite and designer Lilly Pulitzer. The comfort level that the dress offered led to its popularity amongst women as it hangs loosely from the shoulders with well-placed darts at the bust.

Shift Dress 2

If you are looking forward to buy a shift dress, then we give you some styling tips to help you choose the best one for your needs:

  • Wearing a Shift Dress for Work: When choosing shift dresses for work, try to opt for a dark colour, as these are the most flattering, and go well with accessories too. These could be worn with a blazer, when going on board meetings or conferences. If you want to get experimental while remaining formal, you can wear a collared shirt underneath a pinstriped shift dress. Also, it is important to wear a dress of an appropriate length at office. You can try out from between short length to long dresses. Designers are also making midi and maxi length dresses, which can be a good option to wear at work.

Shift Dress 3

  • For casual outings: A shirt shift dress is a new variant which comes in comfortable cotton or poly-cotton blends. These are the perfect option for a casual evening in the summers. As these dresses are quite boxy, shift dresses are often shorter than other styles of dresses. You can opt for a short dress, if you feel confident about how your legs look.

Shift Dress 4

  • Pair them with gladiator sandals: When wearing longer shift dresses, pair them with ballet shoes or gladiator sandals for a stylish touch. Flats will make the ensemble even more casual, and hence are a good option.

Shift Dress 5

  • Experiment: Lastly, experiment with colours, fabrics, and accessories. Go for bold colours, pair your formal shift dresses with belts, and other funky accessories, and play with body hugging fabrics. The world is yours!

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