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Today as many parts of India heave a sigh of relief with the hottest month of May passing by, there are still some cities which are still panting and sweating it out to an extent and waiting for the rains to come and wash away the hell fire completely. But then this month would again come back much to our dismay next year and as most of us who are reading this article have blissful escape from this heat during the peak hours by either staying indoors or working very diligently enjoying the cool breeze of the centralized and split ac systems in our office, there lies a huge section of the population of the country who need to combat this heat. This battle is one of their only means of living or it is a part of their core responsibility.

We very often choose to turn a blind eye and take their conditions for granted. We either have it in our sub conscious mind as Oh they are use to it, far more capable than us to deal with the heat. No matter how capable they are, the skin gets scorched, the gut feels equally wrenched when the heat waves strike them as we feel. Half an hour spent working in their condition would let us empathize with them and love the largesse that we have been bestowed with in this life. This is the exact thought process that has propelled some of the motivated famestars to hit the road and be in the shoes of all these men and women who incessantly sweat it out to provide us service in this heat and contribute in their very little ways to make our lives better.

So some of the famestars chose to be daily wage paid labor for about half an hour and mix the sand, gravel and cement and contribute in a miniscule way in being part of the construction revolution of the country. While there have been some ladies, despite of the fear of being dehydrated chose to lend a hand pushing the banana van and some of them sold well scented flowers to some local people in the vicinity. They shouted out the names of their products and pushed the van to let themselves heard and draw attention towards these people who fight their battles in the most adverse weather conditions.

A salute to all such unsung heroes who wage their daily battles in this tropical summer heat without a sob and a big round of applause to our famestars who thought of empathizing with them and have our attentions glued for a little while towards all of them.

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