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Have you ever seen an Aurora Borealis? It is one of the most magnificent creations of nature. This is how it looks like:


It is a dazzling spectacle of coloured lights scintillating across the night sky. These lights are observed around the magnetic poles of the northern and southern regions. Aurora Borealis literally means the northern lights. As the translation suggests, these lights are viewed in the skies of the northern hemisphere. Winter is the best time to view these Auroras.

A true blue traveller would want to see at least one of these Auroras once in a lifetime.


However, to witness these magical lights one must travel to either Scandinavian countries or northern Canada or Russia in the northern hemisphere or journey to New Zealand or Australia or even the southern parts of Chile in the southern hemisphere.

Travelling to these countries would certainly be an expensive proposition. If one wishes to undertake a comfortable voyage, how does one arrange for funds? Depending on your family to support your travel endeavours isn’t a good idea.

Creating a corpus is the answer. It can be created by investing in best SIP plans.

SIP stands for Systematic Investment Plan. Investing through SIP enables an individual to create wealth over a longer period of time. It inculcates the good habit of saving regularly and helps one to take the advantage of business cycles. An SIP investment plan not only secures our future, but also helps to achieve our goals.

Historically mutual funds have offered better returns than most asset classes over the longer term. They are most suitable for long term goals such as buying a house, retirement, child’s education and certainly for visiting Norway in winter to watch a spectacular show of Aurora Borealis!

Top SIP plans offer the following advantages:

  • Impressive historical performance
  • Managed by industry experts
  • Can begin an SIP with a very affordable amount

Many of us are concerned about investing in the stock markets. Handling the volatility of the bourses is not everyone’s cup of tea. But wealth is created because of this turbulence. The Sabse Important Plan offered by Birla Sun Life is a suitable option for those who wish to make the most out of their investments over a longer term. This offering enables one to plan how much to invest to achieve various long term goals. They also recommend a portfolio based on your background and requirements.

Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund's SIP

To achieve the most out of this, one needs to start as early as possible. This is because the magic of compound interest is appreciated and witnessed only over a longer period of time. It is none other than Albert Einstein, who termed compound interest as the eighth wonder of the world. This clearly explains that the sooner one starts investing through SIP, sooner is the growth of one’s funds.

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