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Bali has always been a paradise for beach lovers. However, believe it or not, when people think of the beaches in Bali, they tend to recall Kuta, with a cornucopia of bars, restaurants, parties, and of course, a lot of tourists. Undeniably, Kuta beach is one of the most popular beaches in Bali. A great beach as it is, Kuta is definitely not the best place if you want to seek a peaceful private hideout.

If you are in the mood to uncover off-the-beaten-track treasures, be sure to check out Bali’s many hidden beaches. Stunningly beautiful and less crowded, these beaches promise a one-of-a-kind experience. Yet, ‘hidden’ as they are, we’ve uncovered them for you. Check out below for some of the best secret beaches on The Island of Gods! The best part? These 4 beaches are still very accessible for tourists (but not many visit them)!

1:-Yeh Leh beach

Yeh Leh beach

Source:-Budi Astawa

Yeh Leh beach is pretty much unheard-of unless you are a local fisherman. Unlike any other beaches in Bali, it is decorated with thousands of boulders, some covered with algae, some washed clean by the waves. At low tide, you will be able to see Yeh Leh beach at its best, when the boulders are revealed and there are plenty of marine creatures in the rock pools. This is also the place to capture some insta-worthy sunset photos, where fiery lights shine upon the horizon and lights up the rock on the shore.

“Hidden”, yet Yeh Leh beach is easily accessible. It is located in Jembrana, off the Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway.

2:-Melasti beach:-

Melasti Beach Bali


The Tanah Lot Temple hides a little secret. A 15-minute walk away from the sacred temple lies Melasti beach. You can head over to enjoy the pristine, glistening water under the crimson sunset after your visit to Tanah Lot. The best part is that this hidden treasure has a little gift for you: a waterfall pouring down from the cliff. Do note that this waterfall is seasonal, and you can only see it during the rainy season. Another note is that this is different from the popular Melasti beach in Kuta, so make sure that you are not mistaken

3:-Nyang Nyang beach

nyang-nyangbeach Bali

If you want something exclusive to yourself – this is it. While you can still find information about Nyang Nyang beach on the internet, not many tourists go to this place. The main reason is that you have to climb down a small hill to reach the beach. If you are the adventurous type, this is an experience you should not miss. If you are not, the journey is still well worth it, especially when you have all the space to yourself!

4:- Gunung Payung:-

Gunung Payung Beach

Calm turquoise waters, majestic caves, Gunung Payung beach is a sight you must visit. You can access the beach by two ways: via Pandawa beach, it’s located in the East of this famous beach so you can ask the locals around for the direction; or via Gunung Payung Temple, be prepared for some serious stairs climbing in this case. The beach greets you with a magnificent panoramic view of the sun, sky and water. It’s an ideal place to be practice yoga, meditate, swim or simply enjoy the sun.

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