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A traditional Japanese Futon is although in trend and is being tried by the Americans-but it varies significantly from the regular foam mattress. An authentic Japanese futon is made according to the Japanese simple lifestyle. It offers health benefits, ease of handling, and comfort-these are the major reasons why its an in-demand item.

There is a major difference; the difference is of value and comfort. The two can be used for both purposes; sleep and for lounging-but it doesnt just stop here, let us discuss in detail. So, you can decide on your choice of comfort and value.

Overall Style and Comfort:

Futon Sofa

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You might be in process of switching from a regular sofa sleeper to a futon sofa-you are aware of regular sofa sleeper properties. To highlight it again-a regular sofa looks like a standard couch. For sleeping on the sofa, you need removal of seat cushions and the mattress stretched out. The mattress is attached to a metal frame, while the mattress of such a sofa is thin-you can feel the bar at the back when you sleep on it.

While, a futon sofa can easily convert into form a sofa to a sleeping bed. For both transformations, the cushion remains the same and does not change in comfort. The conversion is simple and offers ease of a simple frame scheme. The regular sofa sleeper has foldable mattress and seat cushioning set as per the comfort likeness of the manufacturer.

IMPORTANT: Did you know that tradition futon mattress had a standard dimension and thickness? With east-west fusion, users are now allowed to get custom made futons and can also choose custom filling for extra comfort and cushioning.

Upholstery Choice:

Regular sofa sleeper has affixed frame and cushions. So, you either stay with the same color or contrast for as long as it doesnt wear off or you pay extra to get it changed or buy a new sofa. A futon sofa allows you to change the cover along with the dcor change.

Ease of Movement/Set Up:

You will always need more strength and effort in order to move the regular sofa. Usually, the weight of a standard regular sofa sleeper us about 175 lbs and sometimes more, its even a hassle in trying to move them from the doorway to the staircase or vice versa. Futon sofa offers the advantage of assembling it at the site and is light and easy to handle-by a single person.


Traditional sofa sleeper usually costs anywhere from $999 to $1599, or even higher if a brand is added. A decent futon on the other hand can be anywhere from $599 to $899. Pine wood is the cheapest in futons and with such a frame, the cost can be even less.

Futons offer diversity in style and comfort. As an old saying states the comfort of a mattress is subjective to personal liking, hence the comfort of futon mattress can vary from person to person. Futons are highly customizable, so you can customize your futon purchase as per your preference. Make choice of the futon frame according to your home dcor and then choose the comfort level of the futon.

The combinations of futon frame and futon mattress are endless, you can even have the benefits of using a futon and save up on space. The futon bed/futon sofa will let you utilize the same space for dual purposes and will also free your room space. Enjoy the spaciousness of the room with a futon and let your mind focus more clearly!

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