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If any one complains and grunts about not having the pink hued or complete yellow hued skin, then they should check whether they belong to the olive skin undertone category or not. Lipstick for olive skin will make available a wide range of shades and chances are minuscule to go wrong with them.



1.Red lipstick for olive skin: Its time to scorch the floor with the right sultry red lipstick suitable for olive skin. Try the wine red with gloss finish that would make your skin tone glow. The brick red with matte finish can also be quite a choice for your skin tone.

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Deep Lipstick color for olive skin


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2.Deep Lipstick color for olive skin: If you hesitate to try those deep shades of pink, then drop the inhibition and go for it. Deep pink with lots of red or deep peach with reddish undertone will compliment the olive skin tones. They would rather accentuate the shimmer about your complexion and prevent a dark look as it would appear with baby or pale pinks.



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3.Pink Lipstick for Olive skin: Most pink lipsticks on olive tone does magic. But it is a good idea to avoid the pink with lot of blues as it will make one look insignificant. If natural look is desired then nude pink is great while for a glam doll look, try the juicy watermelon hued pink. Caramel or brown flushed pink will also do wonder in olive skin tones.

Peach Lipstick for olive skin


4.Peach Lipstick for olive skin: Peach is probably the best shade for olive skin. From matte finish, to shimmers, all just sets in like silk in an instant. One can try out gold shimmers with peach, gives a burning hot sensational look. Lighter shades make you look innocent as cream while for the vivacious look, darker shades of peach lipsticks can be easily played with.

Mauve lipstick for olive skin


5.Mauve lipstick for olive skin: That is probably the most flattering shades available for olive skin tones. The matte finish mauve looks best on olive skin tones but then if one feels dry and flaky , then applying a bit of lip balm and then removing it gently after a while before applying the mauve would give you miraculously effective looks.

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