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Today we will learn about what all thing should be kept in mind while going for any sales activity which requires telecalling. Sales starts with understanding the customers need and ends on its satisfaction. Every call has to be perfect and garnished. To understand and accomplish all sales related aspects I am sharing with you all the basisc for making any call effective.

The below 10 Steps will ensure you to catch the interest of the every prospective customer and ensure getiing them convinced with your knowledge on related product or services.

  1. Greeting (Good morning + use of salutation before customers name )
  2. Opening of Call ( Name, company name and Purpose of Call)
  3. Product Knowledge ( Ensure you have gone through everything related to product)
  4. Competitors presence ( Obtain ample market knowledge )
  5. Analyze customers requirement ( Listen, wait and reply)
  6. Listening Skills ( keep your ears open every second )
  7. Probing Ability (Do no let dead pause occur, keep talking )
  8. Objective Questioning/Closed Conversations ( Focus on confirming rather than on asking)
  9. Building a Rapport ( Flow funny incidents and keep smiling over the call)
  10. Closing of Call. ( Greet again and thank them for sparing their time)

Greeting- To start any conversation Greet First.

Opening of Call- Introduce yourself and the company. Then deliver the purpose with its benefits.

Product Knowledge – Before starting anything you must first understand your product/Service and its importance to the users. The reason to have its knowledge is to shield your Product/Service in the eyes of its prospective user for long term relationships.

Competitors Presence – To have an upper edge in the conversation with a customer, knowledge of similar business or a competitor enhances your chances of dominating the conversation. You can also compare yours and competitors product and hence convince the customer to show their interest in buying your product.

Analyze Target Audience- The most important part of converting a lead into a sale is to analyze whether the one you are speaking to has any relevance to the use of that Product/Services or not.

Listening Vaues- While talking to someone, give them a fair bit of time to speak to know what they require in your product and then pitch to convince that all such is available in your product. To know its benefit they will have to try it at least once.

Probing Ability- Contrary to listening to what the customer has to say, we need to be pro-active to respond to their queries instantly. We need to build a conversation from knowing their need to providing a solution to that need, so that in the long run they come back to you again for acquiring similar Product/Services.

Objective Questioning/Closed Conversations- Customer should never feel that they are being investigated in fact we should focus on how to make the customer an active part of that conversation and then matching their requirements with the product. Also, our questions should be objective than being subjective for e.g. Asking someone if you are professionally a tailor or a plumber than asking what is your occupation. I suggest it is always better to give them options to choose from than to ask direct questions.

Building a Rapport- Rapport building is a series of steps taken above from understanding the needs of the customer to matching it with your product and helping them to understand the value that your product/Service would create in their life. The more you probe and actively participate in the conversation more effectively you would be able to build your rapport in the eyes of the customer.

Closing of Call- Whenever you think you have invested enough time in convincing and explaining your things to the customer, focus on selling your Product/Service with its immediate effect. The rapport built by you will help you pitch for a sale of that product. Once the customer buys the product/Service that you offered, assure them with product reliability and timely services.

Call ending- Thank them for the precious time and wish them a better day ahead.

About me:

Hey guys My name is Vaibhav Lamba and I have been into sales and customer service from last 8-9 years. I have all been into training people on sales and time utilization related activities. I hope the above information will help you to enhance your understanding about Sales. All you need to do is follow these instructions using your product and industry understanding, I would be sharing some more useful articles soon.

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