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Just in case youve been locked up somewhere and are unfamiliar with the game, Pokemon Go is an augmented reality app that makes its players do a real-life scavenger hunt. Its popularity has reached record-breaking levels in the short time its been available. Its players, old and young alike, are taking to the streets and braving the crowded areas just so they can catch various Pokmon characters and collect points.

Since the app was launched, you may have noticed the invasion of Pokemon Go in the media, from news articles to TV anchors. Its a well-hyped game, and if youre a firm non-gamer like me, you might be gaining annoyed at the constantly increasing media coverage it gets. That is, until Ive learned about the marketing implications that the app holds. I became instantly hooked.

Pokemon Marketing


As the game has people moving around public places, it has opened new opportunities and benefits for local businesses. Simply by using the app and combining it with conventional internet marketing channels, something even better than the rarest Pokemon may just be captured by you the millennial customer.

Is Your Business Fit For PokemonGo?

The main group of customers playing PokemonGo are most likely millennials, mostly due to the nature and demographics distinctive of the game. If your local business serves a significant number of customers in this group, then you can grab the opportunity and use the tactics Ill be providing in this article.

Are you in the vicinity of an established Pokestop or Gym?

These are the two designated areas within the app. A PokeStop is where players can stop by and stock up on free in-game supplies, while a Gym is the allocated place where players battle it out to get a stronghold on the area for their team.

Pokemon Marketing 2016

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These locations are scattered, and are usually landmarks, parks, or even local businesses in the vicinity. As these locations attract a steady stream of players, it could be very good for your business.

In order to utilize PokmonGo, you must download it and locate the nearest Pokestop or Gym. Populated areas tend to have pre-determined areas, so you might already be near one. If youre really lucky, a Gym or Pokestop might even be sitting right on top of your business! Whichever it is, lets discuss how we can convert that stream of players into paying customers.

Pulling Them In

Purchasing Lure Modules to attract players to your nearest Pokestop or Gym is probably the most effective way to take advantage of PokmonGo. For just $1.19 per hour, anybody including business owners and restaurateurs alike can buy the lures in the app to lure players in.

So once youve done that, and a pack of Pokemon-hungry players start to swarm your neighborhood, how do they convert into paying customers?

Simply by dropping lures strategically timed throughout the day can dramatically boost your sales for the day. Food establishments get the most benefit from this, as it makes the most sense. These players can go hungry from all that deliberated walking, so if your business is nearby, then they can eat at your place.

The proximity to a designated area alone can increase the foot traffic of your business. However this simple trick may not be effective for all types of business. But dont worry, it just means that you have to come up with even more creative and niftier strategies to get them in.

Host and Promote a Lure Hangout

Heres a clear example of how this works:

At a time when business is slow, or when you want the customers to come, drop a lure at your nearest Pokestop or Gym. Then offer appealing discounts and incentives at the time of the event, requiring the customers to show you the app in the process.

To make this work, you have to effectively advertise. A simple sign would do, but there are bigger hooks to be used such as targeted Facebook ads that well take up later.

Sponsor a Gym Battle Tournament

If you happen to be near a Gym, then this works almost the same as the previous tactic. A good way to go would be to broadcast that youll be hosting a tournament, and get them hooked even more by giving discounts to players who become Gym Leaders in your tournament.

These players have innate rivalries that bring them together in the first place, so make the most out of that. By offering discounts, the players looking to win will be paying full price as well.

Choose Your Team

Take it up a notch by picking a team within Pokemon Go. There are three teams, and each player must decide to join in on either Team Valor, Team Instinct, or Team Mystic.

If you pick a team and give a specific deal to the members of this team, they will come swarming right through your door. Get the word out and see them come.

Encourage Sharing

Social media has always had a huge influence on businesses, and this is no different. In Pokemon Go, the app automatically renders the creature during an encounter and downloads it to the players smartphone.

Get the word out that they are getting a special deal if they post a screenshot of the Pokemon they found in your location to their social media apps. This will increase your brand awareness and lure more customers.

Get It in Every Channel

Broadcasting early that you are biting into the Pokmon Go craze means tying it up with your brand website and internet marketing methods. Each channel must be utilized effectively and combined together to make it even more effective.

Viral blogs posts, targeted Facebook ads, and catchy online advertisements must all be optimized to spread the word clearly about your offer. Make sure to set it to run 24 hours prior to the event and end at just the same time as the event is concluded.

Email Marketing

Got a sizeable and well-versed email list? Send out a short and sweet note highlighting your offers and deals.

What Pokemon Go Might Look Like in the Future

While we have seen many trends being hyped and going down, its really too early to say whats in store for Pokemon Gos future. This might be the peak of its success, and whatever comes after we cant say.

For what its worth, youre still gaining new customers, so even if the app may plummet in the near future, its still a win-win. The best way to go around it? Once you capture those customers, be sure to give them such a great experience that they will surely come back, with or without Pokemon Go.

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