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So here we go with a new hang out right in the heart of Hi-tech city in the city of Nizams; Hyderabad. Indy blaze had its planned soft launch on 25th of May. And I had the good fortune of pampering my taste buds with some cool variety of differently tossed food. Celebrity chef Sanjay Thumma with highly skilled chef Vikram Simha teamed up to give us a classy yet cool styled gastronomic experience for the ever hungry and adventurous people of Hyderabad. Let me take you through the journey through my eyes- err through my taste buds.

People kept pouring in from morning till the last hours of the day in the plush yet simply styled restaurant. Simple chairs etched with the logo of the hotel and comfortable sofa sets invited us. Wall decorated with the theme idea behind the food was pasted in a conspicuous position to take us on crisp sojourn of what to expect.

the menu wall

As we moved to the section of ordering our meal we realized its a game of lots of fillers and interesting toppings and sauces to choose from, an experience similar to sub way.

So you choose a filler which can be the Hearty Bowl, an Edibowl (which is actually edible of course), a Godzilla of Porota or a Porotilla or a very own Indi Pizza and move on to the Mains section to have something filled in it as per your choice.

Sauce and salad with Indy Pizza

It can be grilled mushroom, smoky hot paneer, Grilled or smoky hot chicken or Lamb stew. And finally have loads and loads of toppings with cold sauces, fresh greens (take your chance to get introduced to microgreens) lettuces, saut vegetables, mixed grains, millets or Himalayan rice or coriander butter rice, Black bean or Kashmiri rajma, and ladies!! Please do not forget to try Guacamole; the avocado mix sauce (forget the pronunciation)- just super for your skin.

So I went ahead with a mini bowl with dollops of fillers and toppings. An interesting one was the pineapple sauce; I just cant live without something sweet. For those who wish to go on a spicy rollercoaster, please try the Assamese spice garden Jolokia as your sauce topping. And finally I sat with a roti Pizza with smoked hot chicken as mains for it.

Generous servings

Let me tell you that the sinful meat eating was well compensated with the fresh veggies, but then a minibowl is really filling. I need to visit the place again when I am enough starved!! So a bite here and there, Indi pizza and the bowl and a sip on the red hued Goanese digestive drink kokum gave me enough time to savor the taste and look around a bit and hear the happy chatters of all the guests around.

Indy Pizza in makingAfter this sumptuous meal I still went greedy to help myself with a second serving of the Blaze Biryani. Yes this was also a minibowl but enough for an individual, it was priced at Rs. 90. The biryani would meet the expectation of all those who are hungry about a not so spicy experience which is commonly found in Hyderabadi Biryani. Suggest you to take a small dip of the Biryani masala sauce at one side of your bowl and if you like the flavor, help yourself with more. But for me the Biryani taste still lingers and I am happy without the sauce.

Blaze Biryani

Unfortunately for the drinks, lassi and other options like puply grape and divinutty was over as I was a bit late. But then it leaves me with no more option but to visit the place again with some more expectations. Well priced were these at Rs.40/-, the section of desserts were however not fixed and would probably keep changing unlike the other fixed menu.

So over all two people with gigantic appetite can gorge on quite a number of items with just Rs.500/- overall budget (is it not a good deal?). For the rest I give 3.5/5 for food (thanks for caring about the taste and health), 4/5 on interiors, and 3/5 on ambiance.

Piece of advice: parking space is limited so its good to be on a two wheeler.

More outlets coming up, and I wish them good luck since it is just the place for office goers on weekdays and for families when they are ready for not so extravagant dinner time.

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