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Love is ethereal, it binds you, it unites you, it even tears you apart and again allows you to collect yourself and move ahead with all those mixed bags of memories.

Hyocheon who is in her late twenties cherishes her moments spent with her boyfriend and used her creative side to bring out those stories where couples get so immersed in each other’s company that most lifeless things come alive to add to their fantastic ambiance and most cute things add up to the charm of little love. The artist is from South Korea but her paintings are set in some of the most romantic cities around the world and her protagonists belong from various ethinicty. She has instantly made her fan following list really large in a short period of time with her art which has a global outreach.

Each and every couple is different and no two love chemistries can be similar. Everyone have their own ways of knowing their soul mate know that they love, they care and they are there when no one is around. This is the unique feature of love and this is exactly what Hyocheon Jeong has captured in her palette marvellously. The ardent colours used by her, the confident shades and strokes to depict the feel of love in her illustrations are itself stories that just speak for themselves.

From Mundane everyday life activities to cuddling up till toes makes every individual who looks at the images reminisce some of those moments that he or she would never allow to be rubbed away from their memories.

Take a look at the beautiful celebration of love- life below and tell us if you felt the same way or whether definition of love is completely different for you, something which the world is yet to perceive and behold.

# A well lit evening in your company in the city of love

# Deep slumber in the embrace of care and affection

# Every dinner is that special date when you are around

# Even when the water reflects and retells the story of enamour.

# The world shrinks in your warm arms

# The city lights glitter as a celebration of our togetherness

# The love kisses that goes deeper than the skin and touches the soul

# Nothing is more soothing than the warmth of your fingers

# Passion can ignite anywhere and everywhere

# Tiptoeing through the evening beats

# When all that separates the two of us are some ruffled up hair strands

# A shroud of raindrops engulf us

# Its not a bad idea to stay up till the end credits

# We make warm, we make fire, we make love

# Kissing In The Rain

# No winter chill can ever kill the warmth of love

# A Careless bath to stoke the passion

Note:- Images created by Hyochen Jeong( Follow her instagram for more awesome work)

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