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How rightly said, you can’t run before you walk. You cannot get into the back pain treatment videos and medicines before you know the cause of the condition. It is important to get relief from the acute pain. In back circles over some years now, there has been a strong discussion about the therapeutic values of bed rest for back pain.

Although, back pain has never been related to a good bed, but the days of neglecting the concern have gone-a good bed will lead to quality sleep, quality sleep in returns brings good health! Some time ago, a study published how bed rest was the only hopeful place for curing the pain (Of course along with physical exercises).

But is this really the best advice patients complaining of bad back are given, bed rest?

To most extent yes, when the irritability of spinal segment becomes worse, bed rest for bad back is the best solution and the only way to go. An important point here is: pain makes pain. If you are in pain and cannot control it, you will simply worsen the picture by battling against it. You will eventually run into secondary complications of the body’s muscle. This further wraps the underlying problem.

Find the Underlying Cause of the Pain

The web of pain you are caught in, for which the cause you don’t know- eliminate the potent source of making things worse! Find the cause!

The ever so neglected fact, the major cause behind a bad back that makes the rest of the health worse is: bed. You might have spent a fortune on your regular bed for an ultimate comfort, but did you know that the lesser is better? A firm bed like the Japanese futon bed is the best therapeutic aid for good health.

Moreover, along with the choice of a mattress, posture also plays an important role in overall health. Majority of people overlook the importance of good mattress and posture while sleeping. But on what you sleep and how you sleep affects your waking life to a great extent including your physical and emotional health.

The Best Solution is a Futon Mattress for a Better Back

The solution to choosing the right mattress is: traditional futon mattress. The authentic futon mattress is 100% cotton hand crafted mattress for which the locals claim on being the secret of their health. If you ever visit Japan, you will not see a single elderly person complaining of joint pain or backache. Their reason of healthy and fresh living is simplicity of lifestyle which includes a simple futon bed.

Sleeping on a soft mattress makes the ligaments and joints become loose, causing joint pain. The alignment of the spine stays incorrect which results in back pain and resulting in vertebrae to space out. A traditional futon bed on the other hand is firm as it’s known throughout US but because of its health benefits and ease of managing, futon mattress has become the top choice.

Quality Futon beds were once available in standard sizes but now you can have a futon custom made according to your choice measurements. Moreover, futons can also be filled with materials other then cotton such as silk, foam etc. The presence of cotton filling in futons is one other aspect of hygienic and healthy mattress. The cotton fibers allow proper air circulation, thus leaving you and your mattress sweat free and healthy.

Going to bed as a permanent option due to bad back is not the choice. But the right bed, some good sleeping tips, good sleeping posture, and these in-depth guidelines can improve how you sleep and how you feel when you’re awake.

By using some of these simple tips and sleeping positions for good posture, you can start improving how you sleep and how you feel when you’re awake.

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