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Whether you’re renting an unfurnished house, have just bought your first home, or are simply looking to update your existing home decor with new soft furnishings, shopping for new curtains can be a bit confusing. There are a variety of factors that you need to take into consideration before purchasing curtains; it’s not as easy as just going into a home wares store and picking a pair straight off the shelf.

As well as deciding on your preferred colours, patterns, and fabrics, you also need to take into account the style and dimensions of the window in question. You may already have a curtain pole or runners in place which will determine what type of curtains you are shopping for; of course, these can usually be replaced if you want a different method of hanging curtains but that will need to be factored into the overall cost.

Once you’ve narrowed down the style and the design, it’s time to measure the window to ensure you purchase a pair of curtains in the correct size. You may be lucky and find a pair of curtains straight off the shelf that fit perfectly, or you may choose to order custom-made curtains that will be guaranteed to fit like a glove.

The curtain experts at PH Blinds & Curtains have put together this handy infographic to help you take the correct measurements, whatever type of window you have…

How To Measure A Window For Curtains

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