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When the wanderlust in us pinch us hard we head towards the unknown, we drink in the divinity of natural beauty, try about taming the wild and in doing so we are ready to overcome our fears, ready to sink ourselves into some of the dangerous roads around the world. And sometimes it so happens that more than the destination the goosebumps and the road chills that await us in the journey become more important. So here today we are compiling some of the most dangerous roads in the world to incite the fiery you. If adventure and the unpredictable beckon you, then this list is surely for you.

North Yungas Road Bolivia

In the South American nation of Bolivia there exists this “Road of Death” in the beautiful mountain regions of Yungas. In fact the Inter American-Development Bank coined it with the name of “world’s most dangerous road” due to its frequent incidence of 200 to 300 deaths of travellers annually. Cross markings are added in the accident prone regions so that buses, trucks or vehicles can be extra cautious while passing by each other and avoid tumbling into the beautiful Death Valley.

Karakoram Highway connecting China and Pakistan

Welcome to the highest paved international road in the world connecting China and Pakistan and reverentially named the “Friendship Highway” since it’s a joint effort by the governments of both the nations. However the road in the Pakistan side is not so much in shape yet. Despite of its rugged nature and frequent floods and landslides, tourists really look forward to see its beautiful valleys and gorges along the historical Silk route. It reaches a dangerous elevation of 4693 m through the beautiful Khunjerab pass and has claimed the lives of 900 workers during its constructional phase.

The Stelvio Pass Italy

Nestled in the beautiful Italian Alps at 9045 feet, it claims to be the highest paved pass in the Eastern Alps and the second highest in Alps. The road looks snaking over the mountain walls with sharp hairpin bends and appears like a child’s play with his colour pencil. The path will carry you 2 kms up and if you are not cautious during the climb the low concrete barrier is hardly anything to protect you from the dangerous precipitous drop below. Special advice for people in your group with vertigo is not to look down and keep going by adhering to the speed limits.

The Skipper’s Canyon Road in New Zealand

In the paradise like country of New Zealand there exists one of the most dangerous roads in the world, the Skipper’s Canyon Road which has been carved from a slim cut from the mere face of a steep cliff. In order to drive through this segment a special permit is required. And trouble is not only getting the permit, the real thrill begins as you encounter some of the slippery regions or even find another vehicle coming from the other direction to greet you on the road. However your rental car insurance will not hold good if you land yourself into any trouble with the car in this canyon road.

The Dalton Highway

 A huge stretch of an amazing road in the extremely beautiful segment of Alaska starting from the Elliott Highway at the north of Fairbanks and ending near the Arctic Ocean and the oil fields of Prudhoe Bay looks absolutely out of the world. But as you drive in this 667 km long stretch you will realize there are flying rocks due to the harsh winds that flow across the region, potholes jerking you up every now and then and as chilling as it may sound that it runs through a region where there are no hotels, restaurants, gas stations for a stretch of 386 kms.  You will be lucky if you find a few more souls driving in the middle of nowhere along with you on this highway.

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