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While wandering through the dinghy as well as broadways in the city of joy, that is Kolkata, you are sure to catch up with lurid and colorful sights. From various shanty like establishment with not so great ambiance to real glittery malls and food palaces which are capable to keep you glued for the weekends, you can find a variety of largesse the city has to offer. But today I would like to discuss some of the lesser known, wallet friendly yet taste bud pampering street as well as small and old establishment shops of Kolkata that deserve some real good attention from not only national but international food lovers.

Sutli Kebab: While commuting via the old metro station line of the city, you can choose to step out of Central metro station and walk for 2 minutes to hit the inconsequential looking Adams Kabab shop of Phears Lane. If you have a taste for lean meat, then try Sutli or Suta Kebab. The smell will surely make you stop by to see how small pieces of beef are being skewed after being marinated with special spices and herbs with the help of a thread. Yes, you are right in getting that, they are so extraordinarily soft that unless until tied with a Suta or thread, they will surely disintegrate, just the way it would melt in your mouth. So please make sure to visit this exclusive place.

Sutll Kabab

Chicken kobiraji cutlet: Walk to any of the old North Kolkata crossings and their snack cabins like Dilkhusha or Mitra Caf, this large sized fowl will be waiting to be ravished voraciously by you. A huge chicken cutlet like chunk with minced chicken is coated with golden fried crispy beaten egg layer. As you munch on the naughty and noisy egg layer, you will gradually land on to the meaty, delicious chicken layer. This preparation is not so spicy, but is sure to satisfy your hunger for Kolkata junkies.


Special prawn cutlet: Prawn cutlet is named in many medium sized and grand hotels as golden fried or crispy prawn cutlet. I am sure most of you have had the good luck to taste them. But what I would recommend food lovers to explore is particularly the special prawn cutlet from Allens kitchen located centrally in the city. Available in two sizes with a price of Rs.80/ and Rs. 120 each, a preparation made by frying in pure ghee (just butter, not oil). A thick smooth layer of egg would greet you and then you shall have the privilege to bite through the soft and aromatic prawn. So next time in Kolkata, you must make sure you knock Allen kitchens door after 4 p.m.

Prawn Cutlet

Dim er devil: The utterance of the word devil creeps us away, but this one is a lovely devil. Egg which is locally known as Dim has been prepared in a marvelous way in this preparation. A spicy mashed potato mixture or even fish fillings are kept between the two halves of a well boiled egg. Then this is coated with fried rice powder or even besan to give it a delicious look which can turn any good person into devil, craving more and more of it. Walk to any of these above mentioned shabby shops and everyone has different story to tell in terms of dim er devil.

Dimer Devil

Fish Fry: No Bengali wedding gourmet can be complete without fish fry. Bhetki Machh or fish is the name of the hassle free bone less fish used for preparing this sumptuous fish fry preparation coated with biscuit and besan powder.

Fish Fry-min


With a tinge of mustard sauce or kashundi and grated onions, this is a perfect appetizer before you munch into other delicacies of the day. No non vegetarian snack shop can complete their menu card without a fish fry. So food lovers dont let it go unnoticed.

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