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Opting for an appropriate property insurance is as important as buying a property. Be it homeowners, shopkeepers, office owners or industrial units, property insurance is a must to have a hassle-free life. A single policy that can offer a 360- degree coverage, not just by taking care of the physical structure of the building but the content as well is something that a buyer will look forward to. Cherry on the cake is when you get to add more of your valuable assets to your insurance portfolio every month! Just imagine how easy would it be to have a property insurance that will provide you a comprehensive coverage against risks (like fire, riots, earthquakes, floods, etc) with add-ons covers like loss of business profits, electronic equipment, accommodation and even terrorism.  As per your property choose the type of insurance you need and go for the one that offers comprehensive coverage. You must compare and then buy quotes from the leading insurers. Also check the customer support system to have an assurance on the system.  To help you in deciding the best, we have compiled an infographic.

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