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Modern science through improved antibiotics, and medical attention has eliminated the threat of death from most infectious diseases. This means that death from lifestyle diseases like heart disease and cancer are now the primary causes of death. Everybody naturally has to die of something, but lifestyle diseases take people before their time. 
People have started believing the fact that the average survival age of today’s generation is no more than 50. Rather than cribbing about the problems, we must work towards a healthy lifestyle, which will keep our future generation healthy too.
          Honestly, its not at all difficult. I am sure no one likes to be called as a fatty or the lazy one. Regularly exercising get help you build a strong immune system which can fight with a lot of diseases. Diabetes is something that really affects the whole body. It causes heart disease, kidney damage, eye complications, nerve damage, skin complications and dental issues as well. Too much right.
Here is an infographic that will take you through the simple preventive measures that you can take and stay healthy.
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