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Travelling is more than a trip; it is the feeling of delight, exploration and experience.

Enjoying a luxury vacation in the beautiful destination is demands lots of bucks. Well, if you plan nattily in advance and do some research, it may save plenty of your unnecessary expenses. Yes! It is possible to travel and plan a luxury vacation that fits in budget. Luxury is not just about being high-class or something. It’s about how smartly you plan your trip. It can be enjoyed anywhere; in the cities, village, beaches or mountains.

Six Tips to Enjoy Luxury Travel on a Budget

Always remember, luxury is not just about beautiful locations, it’s about unforgettable experience.

Here are some awesome hacks that will help you to enjoy luxury travel that too in the budget:

1:-Be flexible to choose a time for your trip:

The cost of travelling in particular destination can be varying at different points during the year. If you will be flexible with your dates, then may save plenty of bucks that will be spent on hotels or tickets. It is not the hidden fact that the charges of hotel, or travelling package varies according to different seasons. You might save 50% of your expense by travelling a place in winter instead of summer. You should try to minimize the cost of transportation. Choosing right transport service may help with you that

Best Time For Trip.

So, it is advisable to do a bit research about the destination and you will get to know how much you can save more by visiting the desired destination just by postponing or preponing the dates that clashes with higher charges.

2:-Plan your trip and book in advance:

Planning a trip in advance will save a lot of costs. If you book a trip few weeks before you date of journey, you might save up to 20% – 50% travel costs on flight, and if you also book the return ticket you will save more! Same applies for hotel booking. Even you can plan to do the for shopping for necessary things for the trip and find the best deals in advance so, at the end moment you don’t have to run for stuffs.

Plan for Trip

And in addition, if you have planned your trip, you will be tense free during the trip. It will avoid the unnecessary tension.

The last moment flight & hotel booking will a headache and there is a chance that it may add extra unnecessary expense. So it is always better to plan a trip and book in advance.

3) Prefer to travel in a group:

Travelling in a group rather than travelling solo has so many benefits. It reduces the costs since there are more people striving for accommodation. As a result, you pay less for accommodation, car rental etc. Sometimes hotels even provide discounts when you book multiple rooms. Also if you wish you can rent a luxury villa or vacation home for fewer rentals.

Travel in Group

Apart from the money factor, it’s always fun to travel with friends. At times, it becomes memory for the life time. And you can make your social relations better by travelling in group.

4) Avoid staying in main tourist areas:

Staying a bit far from famous tourist places is the great way to save plenty of bucks. It also gives you opportunity to experience new neighborhood and it’s always worth trying. Research from Trivago suggests that staying within 1 km of Seattle city center could cost you $100/night more than outside that 1km circumference.

And logically, it doesn’t make much difference, but the little compromise will cut off the heavy expense.

5) Visit a less touristy city:

Touristy city will always be full of crowd. From accommodation to travelling everything would be costlier there. Instead opt for different place. You can visit a small place of another state or a country to learn about its culture and heritage. You can also visit some natural place which is not so famous. If you will google and research about that kind of places you will get plenty of options. Who knows, visiting those places may be your best experience! And even your friends might compliment you for finding such an interesting place.

6) Use your travel reward cards, club cards, etc.

It is the best time to use reward credit card! You can redeem the collected points that may recover some of expenses of your hotel booking, car rental or flights. You may also redeem the points while billing for a fancy dinner. Redeeming your points will definitely subsidize the cost of accommodation or travelling up to some extent.

Many of hotel chains offer guests the option to sign up for the free membership or loyalty program. After registering you get some discount or some gift or at least perks like free Wi-Fi! Don’t forget to ask the hotel manager regarding the same.

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