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If your dream has always been to manage or administer business ventures or to work within, doing MBA (Masters in Business Administration) would be a fair suggestion for our side. Any young graduate harbouring a dream of working in the corporate sector has to do a global MBA as here he gets the opportunity to explore its learning on varied business practices, regulatory issues, and entrepreneurial environments. Global MBA offers practical knowledge of cultures and market dynamics as students and faculty, both are from different communities, background and countries, which in turn bring out flying colours for students.

Tri-City Program
SP Jain is one of the fastest growing institution in terms of global education and recently their focus has heavily shifted to the Tri-city postgraduate programs. Including cities like Sydney, Singapore, Dubai and Mumbai, the effective Tri-city module of the institution has worked wonderfully.

SP Jain Sydney Campaus

Hence, having a global existence makes the education quality, extremely favourable for the students. This also helps in knowing and understanding the international standards of business administration giving a very wide learning scope for all the students. In fact, students performing well also have a chance of interning globally and are placed internationally all over the world.

SP Jain dubai campus

The most important step in the long run of your career is to become a postgraduate. As an institution, SP Jain School of Global Management provides multiple options for aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their knowledge and attain a fair degree of success in the future. SP Jain has an international presence as they have their campuses in Sydney, Dubai, and Singapore, providing exposure to global learning. With extremely efficient and knowledgeable staff you will learn better and aim at achieving your objectives in life.

SP Jain sydney student life

Postgraduate Program Structure
SP Jain provides courses designed to cover every aspect of business administration as per the capabilities and interest of the student.  Our postgraduate courses are made in such a way that our students are aware and informed about the working in the corporate world. Our Postgraduate programs are highly demanded like the one year program that is “The Global MBA” will help in understanding the foundation and working with the administration.
SP Jain MGB (Masters Of Global Business) and SP Jain GMBA gives a thorough learning on international market standards. The postgraduate programs are top notch and assure a full and complete learning experience.

Curriculum & Teaching
We believe in practical learning. Our teaching is not based only on theoretical and textbook knowledge. Taught through digital media, we collaborate and consult amongst both students and teachers to get the best learning.
Recognition and Ranking


Forbes, the number one business magazine has ranked #10 for Best International MBA- One Year program and 19th in the list of best Foreign Business Schools. This shows the credibility of the organization.

Admission Process

As it is an Australian degree. It comes under TEQSA (The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency) an international education body. The candidate must clear the SPJAT exam to qualify for admission, but preference is given to CAT and GMAT scores too.

At SP Jain School of Global Management, success can’t be limited. If you feel that you can fly and reach up the sky, we would suggest you to start your higher education with SP Jain MBA programs. Everything ends at your hard work and every dream is small when you make your mind to achieve it.

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