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The sport-luxe style has carried on for over two years and is a balance of comfort, style and sports. It has gone from strength to strength since the days of the urban athletic wear. The sports-luxe has gradually progressed, becoming increasingly popular and with major brands catering to the style. International designers such as Alexander Wang have paved the way, adding a sport filled fashion line into their clothing lines. Whether the style is overly athletic, or simply sport inspired it is now classed as a sport-luxe outfit and it is becoming increasingly prominent in the fashion industry, as we know it. So we come up with a new sports-luxe outfit in time for spring!


Hoodies or sweaters have seen a major infiltration into runways in recent time, with designers such as Calvin Klein incorporating the signature boxy sweatshirts alongside their influential fragrances.


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The Good For Nothing Hood Slate is a start to our sport-luxe outfit. It has the same foundations of your standard hoodie, but comes with a chevron style (arrow based design) placed across the front. It also used a complexion of sport based colour such as white, grey and black in order to take itself away from traditional plain hoodies and more into a sport styled look.

Cuffed Sweatpants

Before the sports-luxe trend came into play, wearing joggers was only acceptable when laying around the house, or nipping to the shop. However, in recent times, wearing joggers or sweatpants has become acceptable in certain social activities and become matched with hoodies, baseball jackets and even knitted jumpers. When purchasing your cuffed sweat pants it should tend to lean towards the skinnier fittings. It doesnt stop there as your whole outfit should be taken into consideration when you take a look into the colour and style. You are able to find these in places such as Topman in a huge variety of styles and colours.

Footwear for The Luxe

Plimsolls Canvas

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Before you start to reach out for your best running trainers, joggers and sweatpants dont tend to work too well with certain trainers or sneakers. A smart and logical way to look at sports-luxe is that it is sports meeting luxur, so everything still needs to be kept relatively stylish. Plimsolls and canvas trainers are perfect and offer a little retro look with joggers and a hoodie, or jacket. If it all matched correctly, you could find yourself feeling comfortable and incredibly stylish.

The Jackets or Outerwear

To get the right balance of sport-luxe your outfit needs to be finished with a jacket or overcoat of some sort. There are many different things you can use including a lightweight sports jacket, certain cotton blazers and even a cotton blended jacket. These jackets are all versatile and can add a touch of class into your outfits, ensuring you dont go over the top with certain styled jackets. Brands such as Ellesse and Carharrt are an ideal example of the types of jackets you can match with your sport-luxe outfit.

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