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That time of the year is in the corner when love blooms everywhere starting from the eyes of your loved one to the remote covers, envelopes and book shelves that have remained unattended for a very long period of time. You smell nostalgia and love in every happy nooks and corners. But are you still going about asking friends and buddies about gift options that should best suit your loved one? Well do not do that since every relationship is special in its own way. Starting from teenage loves involving lot of mush and pamper to quarrelsome relations where with a little bit of spurring arguments spark up like fire crackers, or mature love where most care and love is reflected in every day chores, gift ideas and solutions for valentine’s day have been discussed below to suit one and all.

For your lady love:

If you are just in love and in your teenage, take your girl for a movie with romantic content, follow this up with a street food treat where you can direct her and lead her the way. End it with a long drive on your bike.

Teddy bears have grown common, but if your girl still persist on soft toys get her some animal soft toys. Get her the soft toy of her favourite animal this valentine’s day. Maybe you have to hunt a bit, but her favourite animal like a cat, a tiger or a snow wolf would be a super surprise for her with some assorted chocolates.

If you are on a long distance then surprise your girl with a visit where you can take her to a resort. Arrange for a lavish spa suiting your budget. Women love spa and beauty treatments. Grab some coupons before time to pamper her on the special day.

If you know her favourite perfume, then this is your day, get her swooning with a scintillating perfume gift paired with some chocolates.

The ultimate gift for a long time sealed relationship would be to plan a tour during the Valentine ’s Day week, where you have a chance of making it special each day with great resort stays and rugged terrain experiences. This is best for a married couple; nothing will impress your wife better than a tour reminiscing of honeymoon days.

For your man in shining armour

For the newly fallen couple with lot of energy, gift your guy with a watch for the first time. Nothing is better than this to start your first Valentine’s Day. Something he would love to show off and find really cool to wear, is ideal for a new blossoming relationship.

Men are gadget friendly; why not gift them with accessories for their cars or mobiles, like a very good looking cover, or some great car perfume or some seat covers and wax to clean it.  Care for his gadget and its maintenance tools will surely convey the idea that you care for him.

If you are aware of your man’s taste, get hold of a whiskey or wine bottle. This can be a real classic gift idea for your man.

Gift him a pen drive with great memory loaded with some of his favourite movies or serial shows downloaded in high resolution quality. He would love to view them with you during leisure hours

A perfect gift from a wife would be to invest for a new LIC plan for your man. Men love ideas depicting long term investments for a better and secure future.

So wishing you people a lovely Valentine’s day and super celebration of love for the special week and day ahead.

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