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In the world of football there is no dearth of money and fame. With fan following breaking records of hero worship every day, it would really not be wrong to give due reverence to one of the most famous sports in the world.  Money has been flowing like water and the Premier League clubs have left no stones unturned to ensure that they have the best of the best among the popular footballers in their teams. Record breaking TV Revenues have supported them to ensure that they hook on to some of the best footballers paying them hefty sums and almost turning them into some of the richest people on the planet.  Upon that these footballers are free to select off the pitch deals of sponsorship and maintain their status further. So lets get going and check out the list of richest footballers in the world and see how many can you guess correctly.

So here are the top 10 richest footballers of the present times ruling hearts and playing in money.

Top 10 Richest Million Dollar Footballers List

Cristiano Ronaldo:

Cristiano Ronaldo

Total Net Worth: $230 million / €210 Million

Leading a life where every moment is chased by Paparazzi, where money and wine have been flowing like water, this man undoubtedly steals the show with his charm and talent. He is desired by all the premier clubs, he is missed by his huge fan following every time if they miss any update on him, Cristiano Ronaldo is paid $24.4 million annually as per He is paid a bit less than Messi but definitely has more sponsors like Armani, Tag Heuer and Nike making his total net worth close to $230 million and yearly salary of $40.16 million. His star value has ensured that he can pass away with anything and everything. He himself is a brand and owns CR7 brand which has its own chain of apparels and aftershave.

Lionel Messi:  

Lionel Messi

Total Net Worth: $218 million / €200 Million

Yes, you guessed it right, right after Ronaldo is the sassy, yet suave Messi who tops the chart with a net worth of $218 million and yearly salary of $50.2 million. With the latest update on the renewal of his contract with Barcelona, Messi should be earning half a million per week. Not only this, some of the brands like Turkish Airlines, Pepsi, Adidas and Gillette have signed sponsorship agreements with Messi that allows the hunk to earn $27 million a year.  And why not! His million fans around the world wait with abated breath to catch his glimpse, be it in any advertisement or him stealing a sunbath in some exotic beach with his family.

Neymar Jr. :


Total Net Worth: $148 Million / €135 Million

Brazil national team captain is really sincere and makes to this list with a total net worth figure of $ 148 million and yearly salary of $11.52 million. The star has performed fabulously well  and had bagged the title of the best 2011 South American footballer with 43 goals scored in 62 matches for his homeland.

Zlastan Ibrahimovic  :

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Total Net Worth: $114 Million / €105 Million

Known for his amazing creativity and skills and marvelous moves in air this forward Swedish footballer had just ended his year’s contract with Manchester United.  But that is not all since he is actively involved in training at the Clarington headquarters club and the buzz is that he has already re-signed with Manchester United after his recovery from his knee injury. Not only this but he has it all rosy since he has contracts of Nike in his kitty and has also patented his own name in Sweden. However his difference with the above two stalwarts in the list is a bit more making it $114 million and yearly salary of  $14.36 million-eh still not a bad deal!

Wayne Rooney:

Wayne Rooney

Total Net Worth: $112 Million / €103 Million

Well well! Quite into news now for the venom spitted by pregnant wife Coleen Rooney, Wayne is way embarrassed for his wayward ways but still manages a decent position among the top paid footballers around the world. His net worth standing at $112 million and yearly salary of $16.3 million, the icon left Manchester United with the banner of being the top goal scorer for the club.

Kaka :


Total Net Worth: $105 Million / €96 Million

Kaka is drawing a salary package of $7.2 million annually and the football star is now currently playing for Orlando City. He also earned really well when he played for Real Madrid. Kaka’s net worth is $105 million today and the star is really talented and knows how to play tennis as well. He scores some extra brownie points by paying special attention to humanitarian needs and is the ambassador of the UN World Food Program.

Samuel Eto’o :

Samuel Eto’o :

Total Net Worth: $95 Million / €87 Million

With a yearly salary of $ 10.4 million this amazing Cameroonian soccer star bags the 7th position in the list and is a marvellous striker whose net worth stands to $95 million.  He won the prestigious of FIFA World Player of the Year Award in the year 2005 and has bagged many such titles making his nation proud.



Total Net Worth: $93 Million / €85 Million

Through retired, Raul was a household names among both male and female fans all across the world with his charming moves and ready to die for looks. His total net worth stands to $93 million. For 16 long years the Spanish superstar played as a striker for Real Madrid. With 323 goals he has been the all time top goal scorer for the club.

Ronaldinho :


Total Net Worth: $90.5 Million / €83 Million

Legendary name of football, Ronaldinho bagged the FIFA World Player award consecutively two times in the year 2004 and 2005. His total net worth stands to $90.5 million with yearly salary of $3.06 million.

Frank Lampard:  

Frank Lampard:  

Total Net Worth: $87 Million / €80 Million

Currently the English soccer superstar Lampard is rocking as midfielder for New York City FC in Major League Soccer.  This all time amazing midfielder has a total net worth of $87 million with a yearly salary of $9.84 million.

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