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Great foods with awesome locations are the concerns of some of the best restaurants all across the globe. They not only thought about giving their clients an exquisite experience on their amazing as well as simple food spreads but fantabulous locations that would be lingering in the memories of their guests for a lifetime.

Asiate in New York

1 :- Asiate in New York :-

Fine dining experience happens with a great ambiance. This modern day plush interior restaurant offers a stunning view to the Central Park, and the lively city of New York as you dine, or brunch with colleagues for the day.

Caldera Restaurant in Santorini

2:- Caldera Restaurant in Santorini: As you wish to breathe the blues and whites of the Greek city of Santorini, reserve a seat for yourself and jump into the gourmet of the restaurant.

Dasheene Restaurant in St Lucia

3:-Dasheene Restaurant in St Lucia at West Indies: As one strolls through the town of St Lucia, one can never forget to climb at the top of Dasheene to enjoy the exotic Mountain View offered by the eatery. Food is great but it will take a back seat when compared to the sublime view.

Ristorante Grotta Palazzese in Puglia

4:-Ristorante Grotta Palazzese in Puglia, Italy: How about sitting inside a cave with the special one for a dinner and hear the sea waves breaking tortuously on the foot of the cave? As a shiver runs down the spine, one gets immersed in the vastness completely.
Ithaa undersea restaurant in rangali island Maldives

5:-Ithaa undersea restaurant in rangali island Maldives : Thats the ultimate way of getting rid of the bathophobia, this undersea restaurant will remove all the fears associated with depth as one dines with sea fishes and gigantic dolphins hovering over the head.