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If you love your cup of Joe, you will fancy the idea of traveling to a place where you can find quality coffee. Luckily, there are numerous such places today. This is because of the growing popularity of this drink around the world.


However, what about enjoying a quality brew of coffee as you learn unique cultures and beliefs, even tales, associated with this lovely beverage? Here are the top 5 places in the world every coffee enthusiast should visit.

  1. Ethiopia

The thought of setting your foot on the birthplace of your favorite brew is thrilling. Ethiopians sell coffee at almost every stall in the streets. Beware, though, you are likely to find such places crowded since their coffee is affordable too. Their language does demonstrate the importance of coffee in the Ethiopian lifestyle too. Of great interest is Ethiopia’s unique coffee culture. In many Ethiopian families, the evening meal is followed by elaborate coffee ceremonies that last not less than an hour.


Coffee preparation in Ethiopia is of spiritual significance. The matriarch of the house is tasked with preparing the traditional brew. One will put the green coffee beans in a flat pan and place it over hot coals to roast. This is a very important process and thus the barista of the day has to make sure the beans do not burn. Well-roasted coffee beans resulting from this process should appear oily, shiny, and dark brown in color.

Before they are ground, it is common for the beans to be passed from one guest to another so they can savor the delish aroma of the freshly roasted coffee beans. The women use mortar and pestle to pound the beans into powder.

Coffee is brewed in a beautiful clay pot known as a jebena.  They mix water and the beans in the uniquely-spouted pot and place it on fire to boil.  The taste of Ethiopian coffee is also unique since they add other ingredients such as cloves, cardamom, and honey. Since this process takes a while, many take this time to socialize. Guests are likely to enjoy corn maize, bread, and nuts, as the coffee brews.

  1. Finland

Finns are the top coffee drinkers in the world. They love their Java so much that one person is estimated to down 12kgs of coffee per day. Finland being a cold country, their love for coffee could be attributed to the need to drink something that can keep them warm. Nevertheless, coffee was originally seen as a curative drug, sold only in pharmacies. This could have sparked curiosity in many.

Did you know that Finns enjoy statutory coffee breaks? It is the only nation where all workers are allowed an official coffee break. They use this time to socialize and catch up with fellow workers.

When you are in Finland, you are likely to enjoy a perfectly brewed coffee from their light roasted beans and fresh drinking water. Their traditional coffee is slightly acidic too. This might come as a big surprise to those who are used of sweet blends like coffee brews of Italy, France and Spain.


Traditionally, Finns would serve coffee in mugs and drink it with pastry. Even though the practice is still prevalent, Finns have adopted modern methods of preparing and serving coffee. Tody, flavored coffee and use of paper cups is very common. Visit cafes such as Moko Market & café, Kaffa Roastery, and Good Life Coffee, among others, to sample a variety of perfectly brewed Java in Finland.

  1. Saudi Arabia

The Arabs are passionate about coffee. This is noticeable by the many songs, art and poems inspired by this captivating beverage. When you visit Saudi Arabia, for instance, you get to experience the very rich coffee culture practiced in these regions to date. People serve Qhawa at home and in most crucial functions. They brew their coffee strong and spice it with cardamoms.


An interesting bit is how this drink is shared in those functions. Serving of the brew follows a specified order. If it is in a family set up, the younger should always serve the aged, beginning with the father, then elderly relatives. One must begin serving from the right side. In functions where State officials are present, coffee is served according to the protocol too.

  1. Turkey

Other than enjoying the beautiful attractions of a country, any tourist doesn’t have the full experience until they learn something about the culture and lifestyle of the people in their destination. Every coffee enthusiast will love the cultural and social functions of the people in Turkey.


Coffee is ingrained in their lifestyle, so much that it holds a special place in significant events such as engagement ceremonies, holiday functions, and social conversations. They also believe that one can foretell their future by reading the grounds that remain in the cup.

  1. India

Even with the growing technology, Indians have held on their filter devices for brewing coffee. If you are lucky enough to visit any homestead especially in south india, your hosts here are likely to greet you with a cup of kaapi. It is basically filter coffee, brewed steadily and served in a metallic tumbler. They love to top it with milk and sugar.

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   As a coffee connoisseur, Rudy has always been aware of the vital role played by coffee in most people’s social life and he is especially active through the company’s social media and blog. He loves sharing his knowledge with readers around the world, writing and posting articles that range from the coffee brewing techniques to raising awareness of the importance of responsible production to help protect the rights of farmers and protect the environment.

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